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The Language of the Future

The Language of the Future

Robin Conner

Gina Joerger is working on her Senior coding Project: the American Refugee.


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Coding is the language of technology and in a world where technology is becoming ever more present, coding is gaining popularity. A code is a string of words that allows us to have apps, websites, and video games. Buildings made in MineCraft are all made of coded words when you break down the app’s building process. The first computer language for electronic devices appeared in 1949 and since then new coding languages have emerged. Coding is an umbrella term that includes many different languages including Javascript, Python, and HTML. The different languages are meant for different tasks also known as the language’s platform.

“Swift is a language that just came out and that’s Apple’s coding language. For swift you need to know the basics like class, object, and property. You have to really analyze what you are making,” says senior Gina Joerger.

Coding is the basis for everything virtual. Whenever someone mentions anything virtual, people automatically think “nerd.”

“There definitely is a stereotype that all people who code are nerds. I consider myself a nerd, so I’m not really helping break that stereotype,” says senior Chris Lambert.

In a male dominated field females do not consider technology as a career path. Groups like Girls Who Code are trying to end this stereotype by  encouraging young women to try coding. Brashier has a strong presence of female minds exploring the world of coding.

“I am coding an app for senior project through xcode using the swift language,” says Joerger.

Both guys and girls can feel an aversion to coding. People don’t just wake up one day and spout perfect Italian. Learning a new language takes time.

“I think people avoid it because they don’t understand it. You look at code and just see a string of letters. It’s really like a new language,” says Jeorger.

When learning something new, one is going to need certain materials. Learning how to ride a bike without a bike is complicated. This same idea goes for coding as well.

“All you need to start coding is a computer and an internet connection,” says Lambert.

If coding is such a beneficial skill to learn, why don’t more people learn it?

“I’m not learning to code anytime soon because I have never been interested in coding,” says freshman Katya Flower.

Coding is no doubt the language of the future. Brashier students have the option to take coding classes at Greenville Technical College. What about public schools? Should schools start offering classes in coding?
“I think coding classes would be a good idea if enough students wanted to learn it,” says Flower.

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Brashier Middle College Charter High School News....written and created by students, for students
The Language of the Future