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Is Soda The New Cigarette?

Is Soda The New Cigarette?

Here are some of the many soda brands offered in grocery stores. (Photo courtesy of


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Smoking cigarettes used to be a common habit  for most teens in the 70s era, but after research was done showing how cigarettes can affect your body, more warnings and ads against smoking were produced. Nowadays soda is some people’s essential drink, but for others they drink it maybe once or twice a month. No matter what, when you’re putting something in your body, it’s important to consider the effects it may have. Many don’t care about the effects that soft drinks can have on them or other people. 

“I don’t drink soda a lot, but if people want to drink it it’s their choice,” says senior Anna Padgett.

While some don’t care to learn about the bad qualities of soda, others are aware of how terrible soda can be, but they still choose to indulge in the soft drink.

“I know that it’s pretty unhealthy, but I don’t see anything wrong with drinking it occasionally,” says senior Sophia Garrett.

According to MedicalDaily, soda can affect the body horribly in many different ways. By drinking soda you can, develop kidney issues, asthma, heart disease, and many more other diseases.

“After hearing those facts, even though I do enjoy drinking soda, I definitely will have to lower my intake of it,” says senior Rebekah Sherer.

For decades the media has shown anti-smoking advertisements in magazines, television shows, movies, etc. Why can’t any of these outlets show how bad soda is?

“I think that companies will try to keep any bad commercials from coming out because it will hurt their monetary gain,” says Garrett.

Companies like Coca-Cola are essentially making money off of killing people. Not only is the sugar in soda affecting us internally, it is also affecting Americans externally. More than 2/3rd’s of Americans are obese and the extreme obesity rates are growing every day in this country.

“I think it’s one factor of many in which causes obesity. Due to the amount of soda Americans on average intake in relation to the amount of physical activity and real food such as vegetables, proteins, healthy fats, and fruits they eat is very unbalanced which leads to obesity,” says Garrett.

No matter how delicious soda may be, it is no lie that it can be very harmful. When researchers discovered that cigarettes were bad they put warnings on them, should companies have to do the same for sodas?

“I think they should put, ‘Warning could cause: cancer, death, kidney issues,’ because there’s a lot of risks you take with drinking it,” says Sherer.

No matter where you stand on this soda debacle it is safe to say that there needs to be a way to raise awareness of the effects soda can have on you.

“We should spread the word and allow others to make their decision on whether or not they want to drinks sodas. It’s important that we raise awareness before more people become addicted to sugar,” says Garrett.

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  1. Anonymous on January 25th, 2017 8:00 am

    I don’t drink soda to begin with, so this doesn’t really matter to me. But, I do think that people are relying too much on soda as their “go-to” drink.


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Is Soda The New Cigarette?