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Not Gifted at Presents

Not Gifted at Presents

Try to keep a neutral face when you get that one gift. (Photo credits:


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Everyone has gotten at least one Christmas present they don’t want whether that gift was a  goofy christmas sweater, a useless electronic, or just something that is not your taste. Presents can be a year round occurrence, but it seems like the worst ones are given at Christmas time. Although the thought might count, you still end up with an unwanted gift. You may never know if Aunt Sue just wants to help by giving you a cookbook, or is Aunt Sue throwing shade at your cooking skills? One can never know if an unwanted gift is a gag or a sincere gesture, but it is still unwanted.

“I received these oversized bedroom shoes that were given to me in a grocery bag, and I never wore them. Overtime, [the gifter] ended up asking me if I had worn the slippers, and I said no,” says Junior, Cameron Beagler.

So how should you get rid of a gift you don’t like? Charity? Hide it in the back of the closet forever? Or should you try the risky regift?

“I got a rock that said welcome and had sparkly flip flops on it. It was in a Yankee swap with my family, and I was kind of like, oh thanks. I kept it in my garage and then gave it back to them the next year. They said, ‘Oh I think this gift is kind of familiar, didn’t we give you this last year in the gift swap?’ I did it to be funny though, so I wanted them to know,” says sophomore, Camille Poindexter.

If you don’t want confrontation, should you just lie about if you like the gift?

“I think it is important to not be too honest because you don’t want to hurt that person’s feelings. They are trying to be nice. I’m not going to lie and say I love it, but I get away from that moment as quick as I can,” says Guidance Counselor, William Walker.

The awkward fake a smile moment. We have all been there. Grandma is just waiting for you to gush about how beautiful your new sweater is. Sorry grandma, but every Christmas you can expect someone to give you that worst present of the season. Traditionally, there are certain people that could ramp up their gift-giving game. Looking at you, Aunt Sue.

“I can’t say my husband because he does a very good job, but men in general [are the worst at gift giving],” says Administration Staff, Kathy Forbes.

However, students seem to have a different opinion based on past gifts they have received.

“Distant family members that don’t really know you give the worst presents,” says Beagler.

Overall, Christmas is about friends and family.

“My favorite part about Christmas is visiting with my family and friends,” says sophomore, Sydney Pinochet.

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Brashier Middle College Charter High School News....written and created by students, for students
Not Gifted at Presents