Funny, Friendly, Fabulous: Kamryn Mattison


Sophomore Kamryn Mattison enjoys a fantastic summer day. (Kamryn Mattison)

Kamryn Mattison is thrilled to begin her sophomore year as a new member of the BMC Newspaper Staff. She is excited to get to write, take photos, and for her work to be published on a website for everyone to see. She also looks forward to interviewing people, as she loves to meet and talk to new people. Along with Newspaper, Mattison enjoys being part of the dance team at Brashier.

“Being part of something as active as the dance team can be really exhausting. I’m not going to lie, I usually just go home and do homework and sleep. I would say sleep is my favorite after school activity,” says Mattison.

Though she loves her sleep, Mattison had quite an adventurous summer. Following a trip to Universal to celebrate her 15th birthday, she and her family took a cruise to the Bahamas. On the ship, the Mattisons enjoyed relaxing pool days, fun karaoke nights, and a challenging 1980s music contest. Once they reached the Bahamas, they received a tour of the beautiful island, including Atlantis.

“The island is a lot different than people would expect. After you see the money-making part that people picture, you realize that most of the island is actually pretty poor, and the natives spend most of their time on the streets trying to sell different products to the tourists to make a living. I was really surprised to find that not everyone on the island lives in a stereotypical paradise,” says Mattison.

Along with the relaxation and adventure of the cruise, Kamryn really enjoyed spending time with her family, especially her three older brothers, Trey, Nick, and Zay. With her oldest brothers in college and the youngest just starting 6th grade, Mattison and her siblings are very different. But despite their differences, she is happy that they are all so close.

“I’m especially close to my brother Zay. We are a lot alike, and it’s really helped me to have someone like that. He’s 19, and when he went to college, my parents said I got really down. We just have a really close relationship and I’m really glad we do,” says Mattison.

Like Zay, Kamryn has been interested in Youth in Government ever since middle school. With help and advice from her brother, Kamryn began to look forward to Y.I.G. each year. One reason she wants to continue to participate in Y.I.G., especially on the judicial side, is because she is considering pursuing a career as an attorney. Y.I.G. is a great place for her to practice being an attorney and see if it is a good fit for her. In middle school at Langston Charter, Mattison participated in the legislative side of Y.I.G., which was a part of her leadership class all three years.

“For middle school, I went to Langston and I loved it. All of my close friends that I have now I met at Langston. I was so close to all my teachers and my peers, and that really helped me throughout school. I discovered my passion for Y.I.G. and community service at Langston, and I’m so thankful for the experience,” says Mattison.

Mattison mentioned her interest in helping others through community service, especially by helping animals. She is very passionate about animal cruelty, but particularly pit bulls, as her family owns one. Mattison enjoys the Animal Planet TV series, Pitbulls and Parolees, because she loves what the show’s star has to say.

“I would definitely say that my role model is Tia Torres, from my favorite show ‘Pitbulls and Parolees.’ I admire that she has dedicated her life to helping animals and people in need. I love that she doesn’t try to act like everyone else just because she’s on TV, like many celebrities do. She says and does what she believes, even though nothing like it has ever been done before. I’ve learned so much about how to be a better person through her and I aspire to be as compassionate, as strong, and as determined as she is,” says Mattison.

Mattison is looking forward to an amazing year as a sophomore at Brashier Middle College. She hopes it will help her to improve her writing skills, enhance her ability to take constructive criticism, and better her strength of working as a team.


“I can’t wait to take pictures and write for something so professional. It’s going to be so cool to have my work out on the internet for everyone to enjoy. I think Newspaper is going to help me so much in my other classes through my writing and teamwork skills. I’m looking forward to being on the staff this year,” says Mattison.