I Am From…


Photo courtesy of Pixabay, photo credits to jill111

Winters in Michigan (Photo courtesy of Pixabay, photo credits to jill111).

I am from snow boots

From Meijers and Velveeta

I am from the many stairs & multiple floors

(Abundant, tall, I would often fall down)

I am from the oak tree

Colossal and broad, with the yellow and orange leaves

I am from popsicle sticks in the summer, and wavy hair

From Albert and Wanda

I am from the card games and many travels

From “Say cheese!” and “Tag! You’re it!”

I’m from Christmas Eve dinners and Easter Morning masses

I’m from the Motor City and Ireland’s Farmers

Morning Eggs and afternoon BBQ’s

From the beginning of my great grandfather’s farm, and how his hard work began my life.