Senior Social Media Shenanigans

Social media accounts used by Senior Project students to share their progress (Photo courtesy of Lauren Lehman).

Lauren Lehman

Social media accounts used by Senior Project students to share their progress (Photo courtesy of Lauren Lehman).


Throughout the course of Senior Project, students have explored the applications of social media in order to provide evidence for their projects. Usually using Instagram as a platform, seniors have created a space to advertise a product, update followers on project progress, or simply store evidence. The different applications have been a great benefit.

Senior Angel Sarmiento, the founder of Cosmic Skin Care, has used Instagram to document her progress on the creation of her face masks. Although Sarmiento has only created one mask at this point, her Instagram has showcased the active ingredients of her first product and allude to the ability to purchase her mask very soon. Sarmiento also has a Facebook page dedicated to her brand, and posts updates on that platform (@cosmicskincare on Instagram and Facebook).

The Bengal Beat’s own Ethan Lamont has also employed the use of Instagram to advertise his project on writing and producing his own music from scratch. He uses the platform to present evidence not only for journals, but for product development. The account is a place for Lamont to update his followers on what he’s working on (@ethansmusicshop on Instagram).

Senior Katelyn Kargol has created an Instagram page for her project where she posts silly or fun pictures of her dog, Katniss. Although not directly contributing to the focus of her project, which is training Katniss to become a certified therapy dog, the account is a wonderful way to relieve the stress that can come with the yearlong project (@katniss.the.superdog).

For some, the use of social media is essential to the project, and Ms. Lehman has encouraged students to create social media accounts for their projects. And as such, students began to log on almost immediately.

“I follow all of the senior project social media accounts. Certain people have businesses so they need social media, and some have the accounts because they need the feedback or to share their projects. I’m all for it, and I think that more students need to put themselves out there. I also think it’s a cool way to encourage other students throughout the year because the project can be stressful at times. And it connects the senior class because [seniors] don’t see each other as often,” said Senior Project teacher Lauren Lehman.

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