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Going to therapy and talking to people about my anxiety got me to where I am today. I’m still learning and growing but each day I make progress towards controlling my anxiety.

Maybe I’m The Impostor: A Sequel

Jaimee Smith, Reporter February 23, 2021

I remember being a little girl with high hopes. I dreamt of working for NASA as I created weird concoctions made of different types of soap that I found in my mother’s bathroom. At that point in my life,...

Having a job in high school is a great way to earn money and gain work experience. (Photo courtesy of Mattie McConnell, Photo Credits to Mattie McConnell)

High-Paying Jobs for High Schoolers

Mattie McConnell, Reporter February 22, 2021

For many teenagers, high school means getting a job and paying for your own things. The job search can be difficult, but there are many companies that offer fair pay and the opportunity to learn valuable...

Telomeres, the strands at the end of DNA, are a key part in determining aging, Photo Courtesy of

Immortality Discovered?

Enoch Orozco, Reporter February 19, 2021

Amidst the turmoil and confusion of the 2020 U.S Election, scientists on the opposite side of the world were making a major breakthrough. In November 2020, scientists in Israel were conducting an experiment...

Mica makeup actively supports the issue of child labor in the production of their makeup (photo courtesy of Madison Crumpton).

Shaming the Shine

Madison Crumpton, Reporter February 18, 2021

Makeup is part of our culture, and nowadays it is a part of our everyday routines. Sadly, this common everyday routine affects children in places like Bihar, India, and Madagascar, Africa. While Americans...

The keystone pipeline was responsible for all American Oil, and it’s closure is a key factor in why gas and oil prices have increased. (Photo courtesy of Mother Jones)

Gas Me Up

Annaleisa Wile, Reporter February 17, 2021

Many promises were made by Joe Biden before and after the 2020 election. One promise he made was to create new economic opportunities for workers. This included new jobs for the unemployed and raising...

Dippin’ Dot’s iconic logo for their beaded ice cream, yogurt, sherbert, or flavored ice.

How Dippin’ Dots Saved the World

Ana Sallurday, Reporter February 15, 2021

Ice cream, America’s favorite dessert, is nearly perfect, but one major struggle is scooping the ice-cold ice cream without bending the spoon. Don’t worry! Dippin’ dots reinvented ice cream so that...

Jojo Siwa proclaims she’s “the happiest [she’s] ever been!” after coming out as LGBT+ on social media (photo courtesy of Jojo Siwa).

Jojo Siwa Comes Out as LGBT+

Peyton Ludwig, Reporter February 12, 2021

Social media influencer and former Dance Moms star Jojo Siwa recently came out on social media as a member of the LGBT+ community. Siwa, known as a top-5 finalist and the youngest contestant for her two...

These questions are part of the Impostor Phenomenon Test created by Pauline Rose Clance.

Who’s The Impostor: An Article on Impostor Syndrome

Jaimee Smith, Reporter February 5, 2021

Impostor Syndrome, also known as the Impostor Phenomenon, refers to a self-sabotage experience where you believe you are not as capable as others believe you are. You simply believe you are a fraud and...

Maggie, who is struggling and trying to cope with the loss of her mother, finds five letters. On a mission to deliver her mother’s letters, Maggie sets out to find out her own identity and who her mother truly was (Photo courtesy of Madison Crumpton).

All My Mother’s Lovers

Madison Crumpton, Reporter February 4, 2021

All My Mother’s Lovers, written by Ilana Masad and published in May of 2020, is a surprisingly good read with radical roots. What I thought was going to be a murky, average young adult book- was a hidden...

The Bengal Beat Staff loves finding purpose in all good stories (Picture credits to Leah Johnson).

What Makes a Good Story?

Annaleisa Wile, Reporter February 3, 2021

A good story starts with three things from a writer: a process, a passion, and a perspective. Process gives a writer a way to portray his/her ideas in a formatted setting. Passion gives writers a drive...

Caption: All jewelry pieces are listed in order as they appear in the article.

Why are you wearing that?

Ana Sallurday, Reporter February 2, 2021

Christians have many different reasons why they wear the jewelry that they do. Some want to feel closer to God, others want to have a constant reminder of Him, some want others to know how important God...

In America, there's always an entanglement of religion with politics.

Faith-Based Politics

Alaina Haylock, Reporter February 1, 2021

While chaos runs rampant in America, a backing principle seems to fan the flames of division: religion. According to Pew Research Center, more than 70% of Americans practice Christianity. With such a prevailing...

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