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Xbox Series S/X and PS5: Specs and Features

Both Xbox and PlayStation have released their new next-gen consoles. (Photo courtesy, Alexander Gray)
December 3, 2020

With the releases of the new next-generation Xbox and PlayStation consoles, we can now inform you of the features and the performance of each console. This generation, we are starting with four consoles...

A New Hit Game Among Us

The mobile game Among Us has spawned immense popularity in recent times (photo credit to InnerSloth).
November 18, 2020

Among Us: whether you’ve played it or know nothing about it, practically everyone knows the name. The rapidly popular mobile game developed by InnerSloth originally hit mobile phones back in 2018, but...

Bombshell Acquisition

September 21, 2020, Xbox announced that Bethesda would be joining them. (Photo Courtesy, Alexander Gray)
November 17, 2020

September 2020 was a pretty slow month for gaming with not a lot of news or releases other than previously expected next-gen console and graphics card preorders. However, a day before the Xbox Series S/X...

Adult shoes, a scam?

Men’s, women’s, and children’s shoes are all somewhat comparable in size. (Photo courtesy of calon catpictures)
October 28, 2020

Finding shoes that fit your style and needs can be difficult. Not only should they fit well and feel comfortable, but styles and colors are important as well. What if shoe companies have been lying to...

The Therapy Stigma: Is Getting Help a Bad Thing?

Many therapists meet with clients over video-chat instead of in person. There are many different websites where people can sign up and have the opportunity to meet with a professional without going to an office.
October 21, 2020

What do you do when you find yourself in the middle of a crisis? During a difficult time, some people find themselves leaning on their peers while others rely on their mental strength to carry the burden....

Fall in the Upstate

Fall in the Upstate
October 12, 2020

As the air begins to chill and the leaves turn red, autumn in the upstate is an all-around, charming experience. The upstate and its surrounding areas are home to apple orchards, family attractions, and...

TikTok: the New Pandemic

TikTok is the new social media of Gen Z that has quickly increased in popularity during 2020.  
(Photo courtesy of Lorendiz Gonzalez, photo credits to Pixabay)
October 7, 2020

With TikTok having over two billion downloads worldwide and about eight hundred million monthly users, it’s no wonder why this app is all people have been talking about recently. What better time is...

Capitalizing on CUTIES

CUTIES, a recently released movie on Netflix, has caused quite a stir on social media. Parents and influencers across the country have sparked a huge debate, is this “okay”? In today’s society, are we tolerant of this (Photo courtesy of Madison Crumpton)?
October 5, 2020

Mild-pedophilia in CUTIES. Is this something that families sit down and watch together, or is it used to help convey a message? This is a question many people are contemplating right now. It seems as if...

Dear Class of 2020

Class of 2020 students are trying to make the best out of the situation by still taking their senior pictures (Photo courtesy of Instagram, photo credits to @mjmfotos).
May 28, 2020

Dear 2020 Seniors, Your senior year has been cut short, and you are missing out on the time of your life. As a junior, I can barely understand the things you must be feeling. So, I will try to put myself...

Shooting for a Solution

School shootings are a serious issue that has yet to be resolved (Photo courtesy of Alaina Haylock).
May 25, 2020

Schools across the nation have faced closure due to the coronavirus pandemic. Following this, March 2020 has become the first March to have no school shootings since 2002. This presents a bittersweet reality...

The Curse of Disney Sequelitis

Disney has released many live-action remakes in the last couple of years, including Aladdin, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, and The Lion King (Photo courtesy of Peyton Ludwig).
May 19, 2020

With Disney sequels and remakes, you’re on one of two sides: you either love them or hate them and I, for one, hate them.  I’ll clarify this by saying that I love Disney to death. I was obsessed...

“No Time To Die” from COVID-19

Despite the hiatus caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, the 007 film, “No Time To Die” is sure to be a showstopper. Starring Daniel Craig as Bond in his final film in the series, viewers hope for a smashing finish (Photo courtesy of Madison Crumpton).
May 12, 2020

The name's Bond, James Bond. Everybody knows where this catchphrase comes from, whether they have watched any movies in the 007 series or not. The Bond films are iconic pieces of work that are well known...

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