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Jerry Taylor: Student Feature

Corrie Vandyke

October 20, 2009

 A new Junior at Brashier this year is Jerry Taylor. He plays JV basketball and is a lifeguard and swimming instructor at the Eastside YMCA. He went to Eastside High before coming to Brashier to take college classes. "If I could describe myself I would say I'm really shy, quiet, nice, and kind to ...

Caitlin Robinson Student Feature

Kayla McCall

October 20, 2009

Caitlin Robinson is a sophomore here at BMC. She will be playing soccer and joining Spanish Club. Caitlin says she has made wonderful friendships here. As a sophomore, she doesn't like the dress code or the lunch menu. She says her sophomore year is horrible. It is a lot more to take on than i...

Aleena Blasch Student Feature

Kayla McCall

October 19, 2009

Aleena Blasch is a sophomore who runs for the girls' cross country team. She loves Brashier and has made lifelong friendships at BMC. Aleena finds sophomore year very hard and stressful. "All the projects and tests seem to be due all on the same day," says Aleena. Aleena is not a big fan of her...

Hannah Kelley: Senior Fever

Lelia Rill

October 19, 2009

How many seniors are ready to be out of High School? Ask them, and I am sure you will find out. Senior year is a time to look back over your high school career and on to the future. Senior Hannah Kelley says, "Wow. I remember learning how to Salsa dance in Spanish class." As a member of Brashier's...

Student Feature: Anthony Neglia

Andrew Elam

October 9, 2009

Anthony Neglia's favorite things to do are talking to people, playing basketball, and playing Xbox.  He likes to play shooting, racing, and sports games.  He works at Anthony's Pizzeria on Fairview Road. Anthony's Pizzeria is owned by his parents, and has been in his family for 12 years.  Anthony's...

“Dear Tat” Advice Column

Tatiana Cerreta

August 24, 2009

Hey Brashier! You know me already, Tatiana, just wanted to give all of you who have come to me for advice so far a shout out and thank you guys for sending questions and comments. Well, big news advice seekers! We have a new writer this semester who is interested in helping you guys out to with your...

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