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As I turn a year older this month of April, it’s important for me to remember what has made me who I am, which includes my unforgotten past and its importance.(Photo courtesy of Alia Abbas).

Lost But Not Forgotten

Alia Abbas, Reporter April 27, 2020

I was separated from my older sisters at just eight months old. It may sound plain and simple, yet for the rest of my life, I struggled with accepting this truth and achieving closure. Many times, I would...

The Pixar theory offers an explanation for various easter eggs in Pixar films
(Photo courtesy of Alaina Haylock).

The Pixar Theory

Alaina Haylock, Reporter April 24, 2020

Pixar is known for many family-friendly films like Cars, The Incredibles, and Toy Story. It’s no doubt that the animation studio has created many successful films that won’t be forgotten. With over...

In Boys Town, kids are brought together to become a family and learn to love one another even though they have all come from different places (Photo courtesy of Sara Moreno).

Not so BOYS Town

Annaleisa Wile, Reporter April 23, 2020

The name Boys Town sounds like a place for boys, right? Wrong. It is a place for troubled boys and girls to get out of the current family, emotional, or physical situations. In this town, students go to...

 Pharmacies offer a wide variety of feminine hygiene products that any woman can purchase (Photo courtesy of Sarah Neal).


Sarah Neal, Reporter April 22, 2020

What do cars, jewelry, tampons, and pads all have in common? They’re all considered luxury items, meaning they’re taxed higher than necessities, such as food, medical supplies, and condoms.  According...

Turtle (pictured above) was adopted from Animal Care in 2010. She was taken in as a stray (Photo courtesy of Mattie McConnell).

The Animal Shelter You Don’t Hear About

Mattie McConnell, Reporter April 21, 2020

Adopting a pet is an important experience in the lives of both the animal and the new owner, but where is the best place to adopt? Greenville County Animal Care is definitely worth considering. Why? They...

Senior Project is something that students dread, but in reality, it is an incredible opportunity that few get to experience (Photo courtesy of Mallory Smith).

How to Survive Senior Project

Mallory Smith, Editor April 17, 2020

Senior year is a challenging time that comes with lots of surprising twists and turns. As a senior, you are making huge life decisions about your future, surviving difficult classes, and attempting to...

Students take this time to relax and have fun on their break (Photo courtesy of Hunter Moon).

Spring Break Mode: ON

Emily Fleming, Reporter April 10, 2020

Autism Spectrum Disorder is something that affects a lot of different people in a lot of different ways. The “puzzle piece” shown in the photo is known in the autism community as something that spreads awareness, yet flaunts the diversity and complexity of autism and the people it affects (Photo courtesy of Madison Crumpton).

Autism Awareness this April

Madison Crumpton, Reporter April 7, 2020

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a developmental disability. It is known for the social, communicative, and behavioral issues that are present within those diagnosed with ASD. Autism is a broad word that...

The world of CGI and special effects in movies is often overlooked by the casual viewer, but one that should have much more credit (Photo courtesy and credits to Peyton Ludwig).

Misunderstood Movie Magic

Peyton Ludwig, Reporter April 3, 2020

Here’s a test: name every actor and director you know. You have a long list, right? Now, name any special effects designer or any artist that worked on CGI, special effects, or motion capture. More...

Depersonalization is a very scary feeling that is actually very common (Photo courtesy of Instagram, photo credits to @tofu_vegan).

Is This Real Life?

Emily Fleming, Reporter April 2, 2020

Have you ever had the feeling that you are stuck in a dream when you’re awake,  disconnected from your body with thoughts about watching your life play out? Depersonalization is the feeling of being...

Many people wonder how religion plays a role in morality (Photo courtesy of Mallory Smith).

The Conversation of Morality

Alaina Haylock, Reporter April 1, 2020

According to data from Pew Research Center, the number of self-identifying Christians in the United States have decreased by 12 percent. However, the number of people who identify as religiously unaffiliated...

This is what the Facebook group chat looks like. As you can see, on the bottom of the site is my post which shows some of the information that most students provide (Photo courtesy of Matson Montilla).

Group Chat to Success

Matson Montilla, Reporter March 30, 2020

With college on the horizon, many high school seniors have decided on where they want to attend college. Although they have made their decision, there are still many things they need to consider such as...

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