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The Karate Kid of Brashier

The Karate Kid of Brashier

Valentina Idarraga, Reporter

October 20, 2017

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Discipline, character, responsibility, integrity, and so many other traits are required to be a part of a dojo. Sabrina Martinez is one of many teenagers that practices karate on a regular basis, but she is one of a kind. Humility is also a part of her personality because, little do people at Brashier kn...

Brett Miles: Easy Going And Going Strong

Brett Miles: Easy Going And Going Strong

Graeme Hanson, Reporter

April 4, 2016

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Soccer is a sport symbolized by kicking and cheering, but it needs players who are calm and collected. Despite being a freshman in high school, one of the most stressful school years, Brett Miles’ ability to balance his sport and his work makes him a valuable asset to his team and to Brashier. ...

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