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Re:ZERO - Starting Life in Another World is the winner of multiple awards such as Best Fantasy, Best Girl, and Best Japanese Voice Performance. (Photo Credits, KADOKAWAanime)


Alexander Gray, Reporter May 10, 2021

When it comes to the anime market, it is oversaturated and highly competitive, mainly with the Shonen genre (action aimed at teenage demographics) dominating everything with the Isekai genre behind it...

Athlete A is a jaw-dropping film that reveals the horrors behind the USA gymnastics competitive team, and their hidden abuse. (Photo Credits to Flickering Myth Photos)

Athlete A+

Annaleisa Wile, Reporter May 7, 2021

Athlete A produced by Jennifer Sey, and distributed by Netflix was a surprisingly chilling and eye-opening experience. The documentary was interestingly candid with the abuse that went on between USA Gymnastics...

Elisa Lam wanted to go on vacation to L.A. instead she met death in the hotel water tower (Photo credit to Netflix, photo courtesy of Pinterest).

Creepy Cecil

Madison Crumpton, Reporter May 5, 2021

Every great vacation starts with a hotel inhabited by serial killers, right? For Elisa Lam, possibly. Lam was a student who was looking to get away and venture into Los Angeles back in 2013 when she stumbled...

Raising chickens can be a great learning experience, but takes a lot of commitment. (Photo courtesy of Amy McConnell, photo credits to Amy McConnell)

Not Just Pets

Mattie McConnell, Reporter May 4, 2021

As spring rolls around, hatcheries and farm supply stores begin to sell chicks and ducks. These livestock sales are meant to be for people seriously interested in raising chickens, or people who have done...

Fast fashion is a quickly growing problem, and more brands use it than you may think. (Photo credits to Mattie McConnell, Photo Courtesy of Mattie McConnell)

Avoiding Fast Fashion

Mattie McConnell, Reporter April 16, 2021

In recent years, fast fashion has become a huge problem all over the world. Though largely unknown to most consumers, this issue is becoming increasingly prevalent. To consumers, this means that the latest...

The Devil is a Part-Timer! first premiered in Japan in 2013. (Photo courtesy Alexander Gray)

Satan, The Lord of Fries

Alexander Gray, Reorter April 13, 2021

It’s official, The Devil is a Part-Timer! is getting a second season after eight years! (break out the music and confetti). Very huge surprise coming out of a month that typically doesn’t have any...

Going to therapy and talking to people about my anxiety got me to where I am today. I’m still learning and growing but each day I make progress towards controlling my anxiety.

Maybe I’m The Impostor: A Sequel

Jaimee Smith, Reporter February 23, 2021

I remember being a little girl with high hopes. I dreamt of working for NASA as I created weird concoctions made of different types of soap that I found in my mother’s bathroom. At that point in my life,...

The Atari VCS is set for release to the public in 2021. (Photo Courtesy, Alexander Gray)

The Atari VCS: A $400 Paperweight

Alexander Gray, Reporter February 8, 2021

In spring 2018, Atari released a video announcing the production and crowdfunding of a new Atari console, the Atari VCS. Recently, the launch edition of the VCS has been shipped to backers. So now that...

Maggie, who is struggling and trying to cope with the loss of her mother, finds five letters. On a mission to deliver her mother’s letters, Maggie sets out to find out her own identity and who her mother truly was (Photo courtesy of Madison Crumpton).

All My Mother’s Lovers

Madison Crumpton, Reporter February 4, 2021

All My Mother’s Lovers, written by Ilana Masad and published in May of 2020, is a surprisingly good read with radical roots. What I thought was going to be a murky, average young adult book- was a hidden...

Great Pretender’s second season has recently been released, featuring the biggest con in the entire series. (Photo Courtesy, Alexander Gray)

Confidence Men

Alexander Gray, Reporter January 13, 2021

Since my review on A Silent Voice, Netflix has strengthened its anime lineup, adding a few more Netflix Originals and announcing the development of some new titles. Great Pretender is one of those new ...

Black queen chess piece on an empty black and white chessboard.

The Queen’s Gambit Review

Ana Sallurday, Reporter January 7, 2021

Watched by over 62 million households within the first 28 days of its release on Netflix, this TV show was the number one TV show on Netflix in 63 countries. Based on a New York Times bestseller 37 years...

Many teens and young adults have no idea what types of content are displayed  in the movies that they are planning on viewing. (Photo courtesy of Wiki Pictures)

Do we really need the F-Word?

Annaleisa Wile, Reporter December 15, 2020

In the world of movies, ratings are everything. They dictate what the language, action and circumstances of the movie are. The f-word is one of the affected words in ratings and it is a controversial one....

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