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G.I. Joe: American Blockbuster or American Flop?

Rankin Dam

August 21, 2009

As it turns out, this movie leans more toward a flop. Many people will find this dissapointing, as the trailers actually looked good. But where exactly did the film go wrong? It may surprise most to hear me say this, expecially about a sub-par movie, but G.I. Joe actually had most of the elements...

Legalize the Green

Andrew Kemmis

May 21, 2009

From the possible legalization of marijuana in California to pictures of Olympic athlete Michael Phelps taking hits off a bong, the news is filled with pot. Everyone’s talking about it, and no wonder; it’s a hot topic. Everyone has their facts and theories on this one little plant. Legalize it, d...

Teachers Playing Favorites

Blake Jones

April 22, 2009

Teachers really shouldn’t be playing favorites in school. It’s not right or fair, and it is basically discrimination. Some teachers practice preferential treatment with their students. It happens in most schools, and it makes the students that aren’t the favorites feel unimportant and worthless, and a...

Smart Water

C.J. Taylor

March 18, 2009

 Smart Water; it’s been labeled as that bottled water that is nothing more than English tap water. But, if you dig deeper you can see that Smart Water is more than just a bottle of water. Now, to debunk all those myths about the name, Smart Water does not make you smart. If you believe this please...

People Get Paid for This?

Andrew Kemmis

February 23, 2009

So often, the unwashed masses of high school students have (this may shock you) no idea what career they want to pursue. If this is you, good news! If you, like so many others, have no idea how you want to spend the rest of your life and don’t find cardboard boxes all that intriguing as a housing ...

Presidents’ Day

Casey Moses and Casey Moses

February 23, 2009

Presidents’ Day is the day no one cares about except for getting out of school. You can ask any student at any school and the majority couldn’t care less about Presidents’ Day. Brashier Middle College Freshman Grayson Christian says,  “Hooray! I get out of school!” Like I said, t...

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