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A picture based on the Steam Remote Play Together feature. (Photo courtesy of Alexander Gray).

Is Remote Play Actually Good?

Alexander Gray, Reporter March 12, 2020

As we move through the years, more companies like Google, Nvidia, and Microsoft are starting to go digital and streaming services for games. Now out of the water, Valve has announced their newest addition...

Beetlejuice, housed at the Winter Garden Theatre on Broadway, has amassed a huge fanbase following its release (Photo courtesy of Grace Daniel).

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice! – Review

Peyton Ludwig, Reporter February 12, 2020

You’d have to live under a rock to not know the acclaimed 1988 Beetlejuice movie, a classic story combining humor with creeps. However, this new Beetlejuice is not only just as popular, but in a new...

Artwork by Brashier student Brendon Maness depicting the metaphorical similarity between Gemma and the camel in “Stolen” (Photo courtesy of Madison Crumpton).

A “Stolen” Emotion: Love or Stockholm?

Madison Crumpton, Reporter January 31, 2020

Stolen was published by the author Lucy Christopher in 2009. It is a realistic-fiction book written in the form of letters from a hostage to her captor. One of the main reasons this book is so delightful...

Despite the whole veteran ordeal, I think one of the main takeaways from this event is the fact that the First Amendment is dead (Photo Credits to Allie Weber).

First Amendment, Who? We don’t know her.

Allie Weber, Reporter December 18, 2019

Don Cherry, a Canadian hockey coach, commentator, and icon, was recently fired from his position on Hockey Night in Canada, after almost 40 years of working in the industry. Because of a “racist” comment,...

We often expect much more from ourselves than is healthy. But why? (Photo Courtesy of Enoch Orozco).

Unexpected Expectations

Enoch Orozco, Reporter December 4, 2019

Expectations: a belief that someone will or should achieve something. These beliefs, reasonable or unreasonable, cause stress. No matter how healthy one is, or how old, expectations will cause stress....

Photo of protagonists from the Modern Warfare campaign with the background being from the mission “Highway of Death.” (Photo courtesy of Alexander Gray).

Bravo Six, Going Dark

Alexander Gray, Reporter November 21, 2019

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is exactly what this franchise needed to redirect the series back into the spotlight of greatness. Despite the flaws and bugs this game has launched with, it is currently my...

Brashier’s copy of Some Boys by Patty Blount, the book that left me with an unsettling realization (Photo courtesy of Madison Crumpton, photo art courtesy of Alexander Gray).

Who Should Read This Book? Some Boys Should.

Madison Crumpton, Reporter October 25, 2019

I was desperate. I needed a book to read for my English class. I was pillaging through the sad three bookcases of Brashier, when I found the book. THE BOOK. I had no idea at the time it would be that good;...

Despite all the inaccurate assumptions, Catholics and Chritians aren’t all that different (Photo Courtesy of Allie Weber).

Catholicism: the OG Christianity

Allie Weber, Reporter October 23, 2019

Catholicism, known as the universal religion, is practiced by over 1.2 billion people worldwide. With its capital in one of the largest cities in the world and its leader, Pope Francis, being a Twitter...

A person throwing ball of money to 2K Games implying throwing money away (Photo credits Alexander Gray).

NBA 2K20, The Basket of Gambling

Alexander Gray, Reporter October 15, 2019

When you think of 2K Games as a company, you probably think of them as the publishers of the Borderlands franchise and the makers of the NBA 2K franchise. In my opinion, however, they are actually one...

Andrew Lucks emotional press conference after announcing retirement (Photo courtesy of Coltsmilitia)

Ran Out of Luck

Matson Montilla, Reporter September 24, 2019

On August 24, 2019, many people thought it was just an ordinary day across the sports world. The third week of the National Football League’s (NFL) preseason was wrapping up when the jaw-dropping tweet...

A police officers job is to serve and protect, although this has often been forgotten (Photo courtesy of Pixabay, photo credits to Free-Photos).

9-1-1, What’s Your Emergency?

Emily Fleming, Reporter March 12, 2019

Nothing makes acts of police brutality okay but not enough attention to the good things police do daily for their communities is not okay either. The bad aspects of a cops job are constantly pushed into...

Abortion can be avoided by adoption, abstinence, education, and the responsibility of a mother (Photo courtesy of ).

Too Close For Comfort

Allie Weber, Reporter March 4, 2019

On January 22nd, New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo signed and passed the Reproductive Health Act, which allows abortions of unborn children during the mother’s third trimester, up until her due date. I,...

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