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Anthony’s Pizza

Jordan Hahn

March 3, 2011

Located on Fairview road next to Publix for 10 years, this restaurant, serves up quality Italian food for a reasonable price. This restaurant is one of those places that you can smell from the parking lot. As soon as you walk in, you can see the kitchen in the back, where they toss their dough for th...

Radiohead Prove They’re The Kings

Mitch Postich, Mitch Postich, and Mitch Postich

March 1, 2011

Radiohead is probably the biggest band in the world right now. They don’t have any top 10 hits, and you won’t hear them tearing up the radio, but whenever they release a new album, their legions of rabid fans buy their albums in droves. The band sells out stadiums when they go on tour. Music magazines...

Dining at Dino’s

February 24, 2011

Ah, Dino’s, a fine southern eatery on the lower end of Butler Road in Mauldin. Listed in its menu are a huge amount of fried, fatty foods guaranteed to both ensnare the senses and give one a heart attack paralleled only by that of Mojo’s “Quadruple Bypass Challenge.” The air is thick with the...

Black Eyed Peas Ruin 2011 Super Bowl Halftime Show

Jon Schmitz

February 18, 2011

Super Bowl saves us from the epic failing Half Time Show, picture courtesy of The Super Bowl is one of the biggest events of the year, however this year things to a turn for the worse. During the Halftime show the Black Eyed Peas took the stage, practically ruining the super bowl with their poor interpretations of some of the best songs ever written. Past h...

Lin Garden Lacks Freshness, Quality

Michael Anderson, Humorist and Staff Writer

February 3, 2011

Upon entering the small, hardly noteworthy Chinese restaurant called Lin Garden, The first noticeable thing is the small man standing by the window singing "I like It" by Enrique Iglesias in Chinese. The second noticeable thing is the décor: a giant fan and a print of some ancient garden scene in the traditional stylings of the Chinese. While these are intrigui...

Album Review: Iron & Wine – Kiss Each Other Clean

Mitch Postich

January 25, 2011

Sam Beam, the man who goes by the name Iron & Wine, has finally released a new album. Any singer/songwriter would be challenged to come up with a follow-up to 2007's hit The Shepherd's Dog, but the new sound on display here is likely to turn their heads. Everybody who was expecting a wild and craz...

“Speak Now” Taylor’s Newest Creation

Megan Wolfe

December 17, 2010

"Long Live" is all I have to say about Taylor Swift's new album. With a new perspective on life, Taylor Swift enters a world of music that isn't just pop lyrics or country twang but a jazzy singer/songwriter twist. The new album really struck a new cord. Swift's music style and lyric content has really grown and matured. Junior Shannon Apgar said, "It's ...

Disease Spreading Rapidly Through BMC Students

Madison Awe

December 10, 2010

There’s a disease traveling BMC. It started off with the seniors, and is highly contagious. It seems to be spreading wildly to the freshman, too. It’s called “I’m-too-good-for-the-rules-itis”.  It’s a brain disorder that causes some BMC students to believe that they don’t have to abide...

Colors of the World

Jon Schmtz

December 9, 2010

There’s white, there’s black, yellow, and even orange. Believe it or not many people hate colors, no lie. This type of behavior is called racism, hatred towards someone of a different race. The election of Barack Obama, the first African American president, can’t change the fact that we still live in thi...


Jordan Hahn

November 30, 2010

This week, I was able to go to Mojo’s, which is on SE Main Street, in Simpsonville. This place creates unique burger choices that give you a new standard on how specialty burgers should be. The one that I got, the Cheesy haystack, had provolone cheese, onion rings, bacon, and their special Mojo’...

Fall for Greenville Review

Jordan Hahn

October 28, 2010

I really enjoyed going to fall for Greenville this weekend. In total, I tried stuff from 9 of the 43 places there. Because I tried so much stuff, I decided to make a list to put all the things I tried in categories. I was very pleased with all the things that I tried except for one.   Dessert ...

Henry`s Smokehouse

Jordan Hahn and Jordan Hahn

October 12, 2010

Located on North Main Street in downtown Simpsonville, this place is just a short walk away from Upstate Karate. When I first got out of the car, I noticed the incredible smell that you get at most smokehouses. It’s always a good sign if you can smell the food from the sidewalk. When I first stepped in, I notice...

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