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The NFL draft is an anticipated event which has months of speculation before it.
(Photo credits to, photo courtesy of Tyler Davidson)

NFL Mock Draft 2021

Tyler Davidson, Editor April 28, 2021

The NFL Draft bridge between college football and professional football. The months leading up to the draft are filled with speculation and examination of the top prospects. In this article, I will be...

During this time, the stadiums are empty waiting for sports to resume (Photo courtesy of Jacob Smith).

Are Sports Essential?

Tyler Davidson, Reporter May 26, 2020

In the times we are currently in, many people have found themselves with hours of free time and are unsure what to do with themselves. On top of that, many people are under the shelter in place order,...

The Cincinnati Bengals selected their franchise signal caller with the number pick. Welcome to the Jungle, Joe Burrow (Photo courtesy of Derek Ho).

NFL Draft First Round Review

Matson Montilla, Reporter May 21, 2020

Each year, 252 college football players are selected in the NFL Draft. No matter what number pick they are, they have all achieved one of the biggest accomplishments, being drafted. The players that are...

The draft is the transfusion of new talent into the league and I will be predicting how it will go (Photo courtesy of Tyler Davidson).

NFL Mock Draft 2020

Tyler Davidson, Reporter April 20, 2020

In this article, I will be making predictions for how I believe the NFL Draft will happen. I will be making these predictions based off of team needs, their free agency moves, past draft strategies, and...

Marques Ford, NFL Draft Prospect, is one of the many examples of players who have had a difficult time preparing for the NFL Draft due to the cancellation of most facilities and camps because of the Coronavirus (Photo courtesy of Marques Ford).

Coronavirus in Sports

Matson Montilla, Reporter April 9, 2020

The NBA is over. March Madness is not a thing. The NHL and MLB is postponed. The NFL Offseason is falling apart. Sports are nonexistent. We can thank the coronavirus for this. With the increased risk of...

David Tepper fulfills his promise to bring an MLS team to Charlotte after purchasing the 30th expansion team (Photo courtesy of Tyler Davidson).

A Score for Charlotte Soccer

Tyler Davidson, Reporter March 3, 2020

After buying the Carolina Panthers from former owner Jerry Richardson, David Tepper had something to say about Charlotte sports in his introductory press conference. He wanted to bring an Major League...

Kobe Bryant was so much more than a basketball player; he was an inspiration (Photo courtesy of Camden Streifel).


Matson Montilla, Reporter February 26, 2020

Kobe. When you hear this name, many things may flash through your head, including legend, star, hero, MVP, GOAT, father, husband, friend, enemy, competitor, and so many more. Kobe Bean Bryant, unfortunately,...

Everybody doubted Burrow, but he blocked out the noise. Now he’s a National Champion (Photo courtesy of Instagram, photo credit to colinovermanedits).

Do you know Joe?

Matson Montilla, Reporter February 7, 2020

Many people know Joe Burrow as a Heisman trophy winner, a National Champion, a cocky player, and a future number one draft pick in the NFL. Although all of these are true statements, the truth is: Joe...

The Hornets’ developing young talent has started to shine and the future could be a bright one for the Hornets (Photo courtesy of Matson Montilla).

Bringing Back the Buzz

Tyler Davidson, Reporter February 6, 2020

During the offseason, the Hornets were projected to be one of the worst teams in the National Basketball League (NBA) after losing their best player, Kemba Walker. Most analysts saw the Hornets’ roster...

After nine years as the head coach for the Panthers, Ron Rivera has been fired and the team is moving in a new direction (Photo courtesy of Instagram, photo credits to @NFLParadise).

Riverboat Ron Gone

Tyler Davidson, Reporter January 15, 2020

After coaching the Carolina Panthers for nine years, the Panthers have fired head coach Ron Rivera. Rivera had a 76-63-1 record as the head coach of the Carolina Panthers. He was the winningest head coach...

Colin Kaepernick was given a second chance of a lifetime, but the question is: what was the true meaning behind it all?(Photo courtesy of Amer Karic- Vision Globe Design)

Colin, Contracts, and Controversy

Matson Montilla, Reporter December 16, 2019

Colin Kapernick was last seen in the National Football League (NFL) three years ago. Since then he has been very active in the equal rights movement, but he has also attempted to come back to the NFL....

The NCAA is faced with the decision on how to handle paying athletes (Photo courtesy of Tyler Davidson).

Pay for Play

Tyler Davidson, Reporter November 28, 2019

College football is the bridge between high school football and the world of professional football in the National Football League, but college football as we know it has started to change. There has been...

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