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Having a football field would provide a nice soccer and lacrosse field. It would also provide space for a track around it. (Pixabay)

Love of the Game, Lack of a Field

Mary Grace Sanders, Reporter March 1, 2018

As we are a small school, Brashier doesn’t have as many sports to offer in comparison to the typical public high school. Most schools have football, cheerleading, tennis, wrestling, lacrosse, and track,...

Everyone anticipates the winning basket. (Photograph courtesy of Pixabay)

It’s Game Time

Mary Grace Sanders, Reporter January 30, 2018

Spirit Week is anticipated by many every year. With the dress down days, buyouts, special events, and, especially, this year’s basketball game against Greenville Tech Charter High School, students come...

A representation of all the Brashier sports.
As you can see, the basketball and 
Volleyball have SCHSL on them, showing
we are part of the South Carolina High
School League. (photo by Mary Grace Sanders)

New Season, New Region

Mary Grace Sanders, Reporter December 18, 2017

Classifications, regions? What’s the big deal? Does the region a school is in really affect its school sports? These two things, particularly regions, play a big role in how well teams perform and where...

Sabrina at the beach shore in Umag, Croatia (Sarah McHenry).

The Karate Kid of Brashier

Valentina Idarraga, Reporter October 20, 2017

Discipline, character, responsibility, integrity, and so many other traits are required to be a part of a dojo. Sabrina Martinez is one of many teenagers that practices karate on a regular basis, but she...

Walk for Love

Mary Grace Sanders September 20, 2017

Shriners Hospital for Children is a hospital for kids who are mentally or physically disabled. On September 24, they are hosting a fundraiser called Walk for Love. This fundraiser will help support the...

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