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Through the Cracks

Mattie McConnell, Reporter

May 29, 2020

The story of Flint’s water crisis has been ongoing since 2014 when the city’s water source was changed in an effort to save money. Residents began complaining that the water was causing health issues. Despite this, government officials did little to prevent these issues from continuing. Flint has gaine...

Dear Class of 2020

Class of 2020 students are trying to make the best out of the situation by still taking their senior pictures (Photo courtesy of Instagram, photo credits to @mjmfotos).

Emily Fleming, Reporter

May 28, 2020

Dear 2020 Seniors, Your senior year has been cut short, and you are missing out on the time of your life. As a junior, I can barely understand the things you must be feeling. So, I will try to put myself in your shoes for a moment.  I would be completely devastated not getting to spend the last few months of high s...

Are Sports Essential?

During this time, the stadiums are empty waiting for sports to resume (Photo courtesy of Jacob Smith).

Tyler Davidson, Reporter

May 26, 2020

In the times we are currently in, many people have found themselves with hours of free time and are unsure what to do with themselves. On top of that, many people are under the shelter in place order, so we cannot go out.This leaves many people looking for entertainment, but many televised events can n...

Misunderstood Movie Magic

The world of CGI and special effects in movies is often overlooked by the casual viewer, but one that should have much more credit (Photo courtesy and credits to Peyton Ludwig).

Peyton Ludwig, Reporter

April 3, 2020

Here’s a test: name every actor and director you know. You have a long list, right? Now, name any special effects designer or any artist that worked on CGI, special effects, or motion capture. More likely than not, you couldn’t name any in the second category. Why do you think that is? “You...

The Conversation of Morality

Many people wonder how religion plays a role in morality (Photo courtesy of Mallory Smith).

Alaina Haylock, Reporter

April 1, 2020

According to data from Pew Research Center, the number of self-identifying Christians in the United States have decreased by 12 percent. However, the number of people who identify as religiously unaffiliated rose from 17% to 26%. These statistics are interesting, but the data begs the question: why is re...

Not-So-Green Greenville

Greenville is a quickly growing city, and neighborhoods, factories, and other developments are popping up daily. Although growing a city is good, it comes at a cost. Unfortunately, these developments mean habitat loss for Greenville’s wildlife (Photo courtesy of Amy McConnell).

Mattie McConnell, Reporter

March 31, 2020

Group Chat to Success

This is what the Facebook group chat looks like. As you can see, on the bottom of the site is my post which shows some of the information that most students provide (Photo courtesy of Matson Montilla).

Matson Montilla, Reporter

March 30, 2020

With college on the horizon, many high school seniors have decided on where they want to attend college. Although they have made their decision, there are still many things they need to consider such as housing, supplies they need, and other things to maximize their success. On top of that, they also need ...

Happy Little Places :)

Cambridge Dictionary defines a happy place as “a memory, situation, or activity that makes you feel happy.” Someone’s happy place doesn’t have to be a physical place. It can be a person or a memory where, for a moment, the only emotion felt is pure bliss (Photo courtesy of Sarah Neal).

Sarah Neal, Reporter

March 27, 2020

The Golden Child

It’s easy for siblings to compare themselves to one another, but once they realize they have their own strengths, it becomes easier to be less competitive (Photo courtesy of Julia Goulet).

Allie Weber, Reporter

March 25, 2020

Have you ever felt like no matter how much you excel in your life, it will never be good enough in the eyes of your parents, simply because your siblings have accomplished bigger and better things?  “My sister and I are super close, so the pressure that others put on us never affected us. ...

Prince or Princess?

Children grow up to believe that Disney is a happy and fair place, but is it really fair? (Photo courtesy of Annaleisa Wile)

Annaleisa Wile, Reporter

March 24, 2020

In the world of Disney Animations, many people associate Disney with princesses. But, do we really have many Disney movies that are women-empowering or woman-centered? Other than a small percentage, most princess movies have a higher amount of male characters.  “I feel like the percentage of female char...

The Hunter

Madison Crumpton, Reporter

October 31, 2019

Ah yes. Halloween night, the most thrilling night of the year. I haven’t quite decided what I should dress up as this year, but I’ve already picked my victim.  I think this to myself as she walks home, I watch her diligently, and like a fool she hardly notices the man who watches her every day a...

The Hunted

Annaleisa Wile, Reporter

October 31, 2019

Oh Halloween night, what a delight. I’m so ready to go out with my friends and maybe crash a few parties. I’m dressing up as a nurse with all my friends.  As I am walking home from the bus stop, I feel as if someone is watching me. My curly brown hair is bouncing and it feels as if someon...

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