A VERY Hot Summer


Savannah Garrison

Getting right next to the music artists’ feet was a very exciting and nerve-racking experience (Photo Courtesy of Savannah Garrison).

Thomas Rhett, Dustin Lynch, and Russell Dickerson blew out the Bon Secours Wellness Arena in their Very Hot Summer Tour on October 3rd. Country fans were lined all around the walls in their seats, eager to see the artists play. Russell Dickerson came out first, playing his most famous songs, including “Blue Tacoma” and “Every Little Thing”. Dustin Lynch performed next, stunting his country soul in his song “Seein’ Red”. And lastly, Thomas Rhett shot out, making the crowd go wild. With the traditional country feel and lyrics backed with modern beats, how could you not vibe with these astounding artists?

No matter where their seats were, Rhett’s admirers had fun all around. “I loved my seats. I feel like no matter where you were [the concert] was good,” said freshman Max Bridges. Although the arena was very big, Rhett and his crew made sure to bring the entertainment to all its corners. “My seats were kind of high up, but I could see everything really well,” said senior Maggie Rossello.

“I just felt that this concert was more interactive and fun than the other concerts I’ve been to,” said Destiny Layton, who had an all-access pass. 

Savannah Garrison
For guests that went backstage, Dustin Lynch gave out stylish guitar picks and he and Thomas Rhett signed passes (Photo Courtesy of Savannah Garrison).

Thomas Rhett and the other artists made sure to make the concert as memorable as possible, whether it be joking around with each other on stage, walking into the crowd, or simply accepting a poster from one of the fans. “I liked when all the artists got together and drank the beer [on stage], that made me laugh,” added Bridges. 

“My expectations were [that] it was gonna be great and it was so much better than what I thought it would have been!” added Rossello. 

From what I have heard and from personal views, the concert was definitely better than what was imagined in many people’s minds. From the high-energy atmosphere to the incredible songs that were played, an amazing time was to be had all around. 

But what were the artists like backstage? My sister, Destiny, and I had all-access passes to go backstage and even further, past the VIP section. The first one to walk in the room beside the VIP section (the place where we were) was Dustin Lynch. For the artists, being backstage is a way to get away from all the typical raging fangirls. “It was more personal being backstage and I really enjoyed it; I felt special and felt like the pressure was off the artists, especially since they already knew the other people around them,” added Layton. 

The moment came that my sister and I had been oh-so anxiously waiting for – meeting Thomas Rhett. When he came in, Destiny’s dad and friends greeted him as if he was just a regular old friend of theirs. She and I stood back and listened to their friendly banters and conversations. Rhett is actually very laid back when out-of-performance; in fact, they all are! The things Thomas Rhett had talked about were oddly compelling- you could tell he was a true countryman. 

Overall, the Very Hot Summer Tour was a total blast. Whether attendees had an all-access pass or not, they still had the time of their lives seeing the country singers belt out and put on a fantastic performance. I guess you could say the concert was absolutely “Unforgettable”!