A Time for New Beginings

picture from Morguefile.com

Fireworks to Welcome in the New Year

The New Year is a time of new beginnings, and second chances. The first celebration of the arrival of the New Year was in ancient Babylonia. This same celebration has only become more and more popular. New Years is one of the few holidays celebrated globally. People like New Year’s because of the clean slate it offers; a new year, and a new start.


Junior Shannon Forehand says; “New Year’s is one of my favorite holidays, because of the new start everyone takes at once.”


 When people think of New Years the first thing that comes to their minds is the ball dropping, followed shortly after is the making of resolutions. Common resolutions include weight loss, debt management, recycling, quitting smoking, and many other smaller goals such as watching less television.


Making a resolution isn’t something to take lightly, it takes determination. Keeping a resolution of any sort involves hard work, a light spirit, and sometimes a personal trainer.

Senior Heath Duncan says, “Some of the past resolutions I’ve made have been: eating less chocolate, and gaining more muscle.”


Some people just like to have a resolution for the fun of it, and then it is soon forgotten after a couple weeks into the year. But others are serious about their resolution and see it as a goal they want to accomplish.


Senior Jonathan Cummings says; “I’ve made several resolutions throughout the years, and have managed to keep every single one of them.”


Different tips for keeping a resolution include: planning ahead, tracking your progress, talking about it with an accountability partner, and if you fall behind to not beat yourself up and just keep trying. Another useful tip is to be realistic when deciding on your resolution.


This is a holiday shared among friends and family. New Year’s is enthusiastically celebrated. Whether it’s a countdown, noisemakers, fireworks, or any other mean of celebration, everyone is excited to greet the New Year.