ABBA – Here We Go Again!


Savannah Garrison

ABBA’s music is still enjoyed through all types of music platforms. From Spotify to vinyls, the memories stay the same (Photo courtesy of Savannah Garrison).

As one of ABBA’s songs, Dancing Queen, goes, “With a bit of rock music everything is fine”.  ABBA’s style of music portrayed feelings of peace and togetherness until their breakup in 1982. After 38 years, the Swedish group has surprisingly announced that they are getting back together to produce new music. But, what will they sound like, and will they be as successful as before?

“Ever since I was little, my grandmother always listened to ABBA and she would show me their music videos,” said junior Natalie De Rosa. ABBA is one of the most beloved bands that brought the new and old generations together. 

Even though ABBA broke up in 1982, in 2018 they decided to connect once more and give another shot at producing new music. Their goal was to start releasing music in 2020, but they had some setbacks and had to delay their meetings. Their new songs will have some similarity to their older style of music, but they will also have to adjust due to the new genres of popular music in today’s world. 

“I don’t think they will be nearly as successful as before, but I feel like their number of fans will surprise them,” said senior Emily Mages. Most people are agreeing and saying that even though ABBA was a big hit in the older generation, they might not suit well in our current society.

While ABBA may not be as big as they once were, that doesn’t stop the newer generation from enjoying their older big hits. Songs like Dancing Queen, Waterloo, Knowing Me Knowing You, Mamma Mia, all are used on social media platforms like TikTok. So, who’s to say they might not come up with some bangers this go around?

Surprisingly, ABBA has already released some songs, although they confirm that more songs will be released sometime this year. According to, they have released one song called ‘I Still Have Faith In You’ with another song on the way, but no title has been released yet. This song is a bit on the slow side at first and is in their native language, Swedish, but still keeps the old tune of their older music. 

“I definitely will [listen to ABBA’s new music] because [her grandmother is] going to be going crazy over their new songs, and I get to connect with [her]. Even when she’s gone, I’ll still be able to listen to those new songs that will  remind me of her and feel closer to her,” added De Rosa. 

With ABBA’s potential comeback, there comes a moment of questioning; will they be successful enough to make it on the billboards? Or, will they just make some minor music and remain a wonder of the olden times?