Brashier Applies for Beautification Grant through Rack Room Shoes

Michael Collins

The field out front that Brashier will redo if they win the grant

Brashier is waiting to hear from Rack Room Shoes as to whether or not the school won a grant to build a new recreation field. Being such a new school, Brashier Middle College still has some work to be done to it. The school would use this field for events such as Spring Celebration, field day, PE, and soccer games.

Recently, Brashier Middle College applied for a grant through Rack Room Shoes for $50,000 to be able to make that vision a reality. Brashier, along with 414 other schools from all over the country filled out applications to win the grant. Each school wants it for different reasons.  

 Brashier Assistant Principal Trina Freeman says, “We have applied to have the field across from the school redone so that we can use it as an activity field for not only sports, but also for our PE classes and other school activities.”

Winning the grant is only half the battle though. If Brashier were to win, the school would have to go through many more steps to build the field.  According to Principal Mike Sinclair, these are a few of the beginning steps:

  •  Need to find people that are willing to do the work
  •  Need to find an engineering firm that would design a retaining wall so that the road doesn’t slide on to the field
  • Need to hire a grading company
  • Need to bring in a front end loader and bulldozers
  • Look at if we needed to put in irrigation systems
  •  Consider laying sod or planting seed

Students, faculty, and family were incouraged to vote so Brashier could win the grant. From the day students returned back to school from spring break, until the day the voting ended, announcements were run every morning to remind students to vote. To vote, they would go online to .  They were also reminded to tell their family and friends to vote.

Senior Sydney Logan says, “With all of the announcements about voting for the grant, it was very hard to forget about it. I voted several times. One time I almost accidentally voted for the wrong school.”

Brashier students are holding their breaths to find out the end results. Brashier entered the competition at the last moment but that isn’t keeping the students from having high hopes.  The students and faculty at Brashier strongly believe that they have a fighting chance against the other schools.

Sophomore Tyler Powell says, “I think Brashier could beat any other school in the competition, even the ones twice as big as us.”

Director of Operations Sandy Brigmon says, “I don’t like to say if we win, it’s when we win.”