Bye-Bye Social Media

YouTube is the most used social media platform in the United States (Photo courtesy of Kamryn Mattison)

Kamryn Mattison

YouTube is the most used social media platform in the United States (Photo courtesy of Kamryn Mattison)

Technology is a huge part of today’s society and with technology, comes social media. As of 2019, about 2.77 billion people use social media. There are many different social media platforms, and many people have profiles on those platforms. What if all social media just disappeared?

“I use Snapchat, Instagram, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, and probably some others that I’m forgetting. I get on social media a lot. As it is right now, social media plays a large part in the everyday life of many people, so if it were to go away the world would change a lot,” said junior Andrew Wiles.

The world would be completely different if people were no longer allowed to use social media or if social media disappeared. However, I do not mean social media just never being invented; what would happen if social media was banned worldwide? No Snapchat, no Facebook, no Instagram, no Twitter, no YouTube, no social media whatsoever.

“I think the world would change drastically because almost everybody is on social media and they use it to express themselves and promote other things; businesses wouldn’t be able to have access to the world and people would most likely go crazy,” said junior Simmie Chhatwal.

There are many people who would have withdraws without social media; however, if you think very hard about what life would be like without it, would it really be that bad?

“Honestly, I think I would feel better and more cleansed without social media because I wouldn’t have the constant pressure of stereotypes and societal standards. I think life would better without social media in general,” said junior Clara Cianfarano.

Some people don’t even use social media, despite what you may believe, and on a daily basis, they find different ways to entertain themselves. It may feel like social media is a necessity to some people, but when you have gone without it, you realize that there are actually other things to do throughout your daily life.

“To entertain myself on a daily basis I listen to music, watch movies, and talk to friends. I don’t use social media at all so it would not change the way I do any of these things if social media was gone,” said junior Joseph Gibson.

Social media brings so many good things to our society. Social media helps people interact with their friends, community, and the rest of the world. It can also help people promote their brands, spread urgent information quickly, and decrease depression and anxiety.

“Without social media, the world would be less connected, which is the most promising aspect of social media and the internet as a whole, but I would survive without it,” said Wiles.

Along with all the pros of social media, come the cons of social media. It can cause students to make lower grades, criminals can use social media to commit crimes, and it can be a waste of valuable time that can never be gotten back.

“Social media causes people to get into more accidents, and people would be more aware of their surroundings. Without it, we wouldn’t have easy access to finding out news around the world, be in contact with a lot of people, or have easy access to those people for things like spirit week when we send out calendars on social media,” said Chhatwal.

At the end of the day, social media is actually very helpful to us and we are lucky to have it. However, we must always remember that there are some bad things about it, and we should learn to use it in moderation. For this reason, may you should think about taking some time away from social media to see just how good life can be without it.

“I like social media but I feel like it causes a lot of pressure, especially for teens. Less social media is better so people won’t constantly be comparing themselves to others or being pressured to do certain things,” said senior Nia McNab.