Christmas INN Fountain Inn


Kaleb Scarpetta

Fountain Inn has horse carriages to show passengers the beautiful decorations and Christmas spirit (Photo courtesy of Instagram, photo credits to @kaleb_scarpetta).

Many small cities and towns celebrate Christmas in their own special ways. In Fountain Inn, each night of the holiday season is filled with great experiences that are full of Christmas spirit. 

Fountain Inn began their annual Christmas celebration on December 4, 2019, with a huge parade where local businesses, beauty pageants winners, schools, and many others show their spirit on a float or in a nice car. A large amount of people come to this parade to kick off the holidays. Plenty of people are in the parade and just enjoy time with their families and friends.

“I was in the Fountain Inn parade this year because I am the 2019 Miss South Greenville Fair Queen. I was given the opportunity to ride on a float. My favorite part was being able to see people I know and seeing people’s faces light up when they saw me,” said senior Mariah Cash.

The next day the lighting ceremony of the Christmas tree takes place. Everyone gathers around to watch the town finish the final and most important decoration within the community: the Christmas tree. This tree is placed in front of it’s original fountain beside the police and fire station. It is a huge symbol of unity for the community because everyone comes together to watch the important lighting.

“I went with my family to the Christmas tree lighting and it was really cool to be a part of because it kicked off the Christmas season and was really pretty,” said junior Laney McKinney.

One of the biggest traditions during Christmas time is the horse carriages taking riders around to see the Christmas decorations in the local neighborhood “Inn Circle.” In this neighborhood, the residents work hard to make sure their houses look beautiful and display the holiday spirit so people can enjoy seeing them. 

“The horse carriages are really relaxing and it’s super cute and I go with my family. I love looking at the decorations because they are really cute, especially on the horses because of their bells,” said junior Eva Giguere. 

Many people have gone to the Christmas events hosted by Fountain Inn since they were little kids and have great memories to look back on. The community makes the events really inviting for families with children by including games, craft making, ice skating, and more. 

“The parade was always my favorite thing to go to when I was little because they would always pass out candy,” said sophomore Seth Daniel. 

Every year Fountain Inn continues these treasured traditions to keep the community together and spread Christmas joy for anyone who wants to come!