Fall in the Upstate


As the air begins to chill and the leaves turn red, autumn in the upstate is an all-around, charming experience. The upstate and its surrounding areas are home to apple orchards, family attractions, and some of the scariest haunted houses in the country. 

“My favorite thing about fall is the way the leaves change color,” said Cheyanne Stankiewicz, a senior at BMC. 

A favorite for many upstate residents is the Skytop Orchard. Located in Flat Rock, North Carolina, this charming destination is home to rolling hills of apple trees and beautiful mountain views. You can pick apples yourself or purchase them fresh from the open-air market located on the property. Enjoy walking around the grounds to see farm animals, enjoy the views, and try their to-die-for apple donuts. 

“My favorite thing about Skytop [is] the apple donuts. They’re always very fresh and warm,” said Jieanna Southern, a junior at BMC.

If you are looking for a more adventurous route, consider driving up the Blue Ridge Parkway to the Waterrock Knob trailhead. Although hiking is an option at this location, you don’t need to walk far to experience the breathtaking views. The mountain range is a stunning sight that encapsulates the beauty and charm of the upstate landscape. Be sure to stop at a roadside farmer’s stand on your way back to Greenville!

“Being out in nature this time of year just feels so special to me. […] Being at the top of a mountain and seeing all the fall colors is just so refreshing,” added Stankiewicz.

Consider visiting Denver Downs Farm for a family-friendly festival with an array of activities. The farm is hosting its Fall Festival from September 26th through November 15th. During their fall season, Denver Downs will have a corn maze, bonfires, live music, and so much more for you to enjoy. 

Looking for a spookier way to spend the Halloween season? Madworld Haunted Attraction, named the most frightening haunted attraction in the state, is sure to spook you. Located in Piedmont, Madworld hosts haunted trails and escape rooms that are nationally recognized as some of the scariest in the country. If you are not interested in being scared, you can purchase a “No-Scare Medallion”, which tells the actors not to scare you during your time at Madworld. You can also enjoy live music, food, bonfires, and the spooky ambiance of the grounds.

The upstate has something for everyone this autumn season. Even if you decide to stay in, the red and orange leaves are sure to charm you. Don’t miss out on a lovely fall in the upstate!