High School Not-So-Musical


Katelyn Morgan

During last year’s Spirit Week, the Class of 2021 FINALLY won a pep rally against the seniors of 2019 (Photo courtesy of Katelyn Morgan).

High school. A place where we all get together, five days a week, to figure out this thing we call life. We make friends, and we find ourselves. 

Actually, no. High school isn’t like that at all. Hundreds to thousands of sleep-deprived students gather in a building with only two windows to learn about the Pythagorean theorem. We don’t sing or dance in the hallways, and we definitely don’t get any closer to figuring ourselves out. 

There are some parts of high school that are like movies. For example, there’s always drama between friends, there are hard classes, and there is a Homecoming. However, Homecoming isn’t as exciting as the ones in the movies are. 

“Certain parts of high school, such as the social experience, are kind of like a movie because we have cliques, romances, and funny memories, but other parts are just normal and not interesting,” said junior Ariana Alexiou.  

Brashier Middle College
Brashier principal Mike Sinclair giving his annual “Hard work, Pays Off!” speech to the new students of the year (Photo courtesy of Brashier Middle College).

Movies and TV shows about high school portray the high school experience in the same way. They promote the belief that these four years will help you figure yourself out, meet new friends, and meet the love of your life. 

“The movie Diary of a Wimpy Kid was what I based my expectations of high school on. I thought that it would be sort of like what Greg [Heffley] went through, with the cheese touch,” said senior Cade Wood.

Of course, there are parts of high school that are absolutely, positively, 100% not like the movies. 

No one ever comes to school fully awake, especially not the students. Brashier Middle College starts school at the early hours of 8 am. According to The Telegraph, teenager’s brains don’t “wake up” until around 9 or 10 am. However, most of us wake up around 6:30 am. Now, I used my great abilities in math (Thank you, Mr. Inman) to show you how much sleep students actually get. Biology teacher Brett Fleming always told his classes that teenagers need at least 10 hours of sleep every night, meaning that we would have to go to sleep around 8:30 pm. Going to sleep at that time is very unrealistic. Most students have jobs, so let’s say their place of employment closes at 9:30 pm. It takes about 30 minutes to stock and clean, so the employee goes home around 10. Of course, that’s only if all the customers are out of the store at 9:30 pm. They would get home after 9:40 pm. If the student went to sleep right then, then they could get some sleep, right? Wrong. There’s still at least 2 hours of homework. Now, the student can get a good night’s rest of about 6 and a half hours, as long as they don’t have insomnia. 

Every student and teacher needs some form of sugar or caffeine to function. Because we wake up so early, we need something to get us through the day. Whether it’s coffee, tea, or an energy drink, we all need caffeine. Because of our limited hours of sleep, we tend to drink a lot of caffeine. Why do you think so many students have heart attacks because of drinking too many energy drinks? According to Vox, it takes around 3000 mgs to overdose on caffeine. The healthy intake per day for adults is around 400 mgs. For kids ages 12-18, the healthy intake is around 100 mgs. Now, I know that I have had half the lethal dose of caffeine in one day, just because I can’t seem to stay awake. Don’t worry, Vox says that actually overdosing on caffeine is extremely rare.

We do NOT have flash mobs on the last day of school. Sorry, High School Musical Fans.

“The biggest difference between movies and real life is that high school in movies can make [high school] fun, hard, and full of love and betrayal when it’s not always like that,” added Wood. 

Every high school has its drama. Every high school has its issues. It just may not be the same issues like in Riverdale, The Breakfast Club, or, the one and only, High School Musical. At Brashier, the biggest worry among students is Brett Fleming’s leaf collection project. (Even if you’re not taking biology, watch out. Leaf hunting season is here.)

Katelyn Morgan
The Brashier Bengal’s girls soccer team showing how sometimes, high school can be enjoyable (Photo courtesy of Katelyn Morgan).

“I think the biggest difference between high school in real life versus movies is that there is a lot less singing. Well, that’s what I’ve seen or heard of high school movies,” freshman Max Bridges told the Bengal Beat.

High school is not always like the movies. However, it can be fun and we would be lying if we said we haven’t made any friends. It’s just not a musical.