Hope This Won’t Get Demonetized


Grace Daniel

YouTube is one of the most popular forms of social media, but with its growing popularity comes many changes, both good and bad (Photo courtesy of Grace Daniel).

YouTube was created in 2005 by Jawed Karim, Steve Chen, and Chad Hurley. What first began as a platform to share videos has become thousands of content creators’ careers. From video games to vlogs and reviews to tutorials, YouTube has something for everyone. It has become more and more popular each year and now some of the most influential celebrities are gaining their popularity from homemade videos.

“YouTube is a creative way for people to express themselves and then get feedback from the world. They make people smile and allow them to learn about culture, whether it’s their own or others’,” said junior Emily Mages.

It’s easy to see differences in YouTube trends over the years. In the beauty community, for instance, videos started as simple how-to tutorials. They evolved into fashion, comedy, and vlogs (video blogs) and began including routines, challenges, and higher quality filming setups and editing. For many people, what started as fun home videos became professional careers. Now YouTube is a place to find tutorials, entertainment, and everything in between.

“I have noticed more lifestyle videos lately, especially from vloggers. It seems like they’re doing more realistic tutorials, storytelling, and challenges. They’ve taken over YouTube,” said junior Maddie Gagne.

With an increase in subscribers and content creators joining the YouTube community, YouTube has had more views than ever before. More views means more money for YouTube, more money for content creators, therefore more videos for viewers. Due to YouTube’s recent success, more creators than ever have started producing immense amounts of videos which have built competition among creators.

“I think YouTube especially started changing when Vine was shut down. All the Viners created YouTube accounts and their fans followed them over to YouTube. It was great until they all started copying each other and making the same types of videos. Then YouTube became oversaturated with a ton of comedy videos that were getting old really quickly,” said freshman Seth Daniel.

YouTube creators have become some of the most innovative and creative celebrities. They create unique challenges and never-before-seen videos to entertain all types of audiences. However, when content creators began oversaturating YouTube with similar types of content, viewers responded extremely negatively as they grew tired of seeing the same content repeated by their favorite creators. This led to YouTubers taking a creative break, which was much needed for many of them.

“YouTubers have had to become more creative with their content because they only become successful when they focus on what makes them unique and what makes them stand out, whether that’s their personality or some kind of special skill they have,” said Mages.

Demonetization has always been one of the most efficient ways for YouTube to monitor the content being viewed by their audience. Many YouTube videos are monetized, meaning they generate profit based on ads which pays the creator for the video. However, YouTube has fairly strict regulations for what types of videos are posted. Whenever a video goes against YouTube’s standards, the video is demonetized so that the creator will not generate any income from it. While it seems like a great method to encourage videos that are appropriate for all ages and align with legal restrictions, YouTube has arguably gone overboard.

“Demonetization has led to many YouTubers cutting profanities out of their videos, which is a major plus. However, they also get punished for having even a second of another person’s music or video in their own, and they can have huge repercussions because of it. If it goes far enough, they could lose their career as a YouTuber and get their account deleted permanently,” said Daniel.

A majority of the most popular creators on YouTube have paved their way to success by creating videos unlike anything the internet has seen. For instance, YouTuber Shane Dawson has created many different types of YouTube videos, but he is most famous for his conspiracy theory videos. He devoted a ton of time and effort to digging deep into theories and trying to prove or debunk them. The world went crazy over this new style of videos, and Dawson is now up to 20 million subscribers.

“I have been watching Shane Dawson for a really long time. I noticed he changed from doing videos like challenges to filming more vlog style videos and conspiracy theory videos with his friends. I feel like he really changed the game when it comes to YouTube and is arguably one of the biggest YouTubers of this generation. He is extremely original and genuine and I think it’s made him become one of the most popular YouTubers,” said junior Riya Patel.

Shane Dawson has been creating conspiracy theory videos for years, and virtually without a filter. He talked about subjects that were borderline against YouTube’s restrictions because many of his theories involved subjects of violence. Recently, he has been posting on social media promoting his videos because YouTube was not sending his newest videos to subscribers. He joked that it was because he was exposing theories about things such as the government and subliminal messages, but could that be true? Could YouTube possibly not only be demonetizing videos, but also not promoting them at all?

“I feel like demonetization would discourage YouTubers from making videos if it becomes harder for them to make money off of them. I do see YouTube becoming even more popular in the future, but only if people still feel like they can create videos they enjoy,” said Gagne.

No matter the reason, YouTube has become stricter about what is uploaded onto it. While content creators must be more careful than ever and exclude aspects of their videos that may violate copyright regulations or standards to keep videos appropriate, it can also make filming videos more difficult than before. YouTube is changing as quickly as it’s growing, but whether that’s good or bad is up to the viewers.

In the words of the Dolan Twins, “Thanks for watching and we’ll see you guys next week. Peace!”