Insatious for More



Patty Bladell is winning pageants after the first place winners are mysteriously murdered (Photo courtesy of Instagram, photo credits to @insatiableofthesweet).

Netflix recently released the second season of its hit show, Insatiable. A teenager, Patty Bladell, has been bullied her entire life simply because of her weight. When she loses her weight she meets Bob Armstrong, a pageant coach, who wants to turn her life around. He quickly gets her into pageants where she begins winning. Along with her winning, she begins to grow popular and date her dream guy, Brick Armstrong. 

Patty thinks that her life is going absolutely perfect like she always thought she wanted it to be. But, she becomes completely selfish and everything in her life begins to revolve around her and her pageants. Her best friend, Nonnie Thompson, grows further from her as Nonnie has had a crush on Patty basically her entire life. 

While pushing her old life away, Patty wants revenge on the people who bullied her and the series turns very dark. She becomes a killer and murders several people that pressure her or bring up the past. Her new pageant coach is forced to help her hide these killings and keep them a secret since he finally has a winning pageant girl. All that Bob cares about is pageants at this point, so he will do absolutely anything to keep her out of jail.

As the story moves on more people are dying and getting covered up. Patty is winning every pageant after the first place winners are mysteriously murdered. But Patty can’t be happy with killing people. Or is she?

Patty thinks she has finally found what life is supposed to be like, a winner with friends and a boyfriend. But I think she is really learning that looks are not good enough to have everything you want. She loses everyone because of the person she truly is and not what she now looks like. 

The show portrays that looks are not the most important thing to have; a beautiful soul is more important in the grand scheme of things. I think that there should be more shows that are portraying that same theme instead of pushing viewers to look like a model. When Patty began to look like a model, it only gave her temporary satisfaction until her true side began to come out.

The way the media portrays women is dangerous for how a person can view their own self and their mental health may be affected. Young girls may never think they are pretty and never truly be happy with themselves because of everything that is pushed in the media. This show gives girls a better view of what society needs to be and how girls should actually feel. 

With how society shows off women, it is in a way that is just how they look and not their intelligence and personality. The unconventional way the show pushes that looks are only skin deep pulls viewers in more as it gives a mysterious plotline to follow to learn the true meaning behind the story.