Journalists Triggered Over Modern Warfare


Alexander Gray

Games Journalists are offended over the direction of the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and are review bombing the game (Photo courtesy of Alexander Gray).

With the announcement of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, fans rejoiced to see the next step in the franchise. However, some people weren’t happy about the new, realistic adaptation to the franchise, as they claimed it was “offensive” and too realistic. Who are these people? They’re the majority of individuals who write about games. I’m talking about games journalists.

Games journalists have a tendency to blow things out of proportion, pushing narratives onto readers and trying to cancel anyone or anything that isn’t in their views. Sadly, Modern Warfare is now one of their targets.

A CCN article by Melanie Hawthorne states the problems with white phosphorus, a new killstreak that is a banned war chemical in real life. “Modern Warfare players won’t be snoozing that’s for sure, but they will be left questioning the ethics of simulating war crimes, even on a virtual battlefield,” said Hawthorne, labeling the effects of usage on players.

Not all players feel that way. “It’s an accurate weapon; they’re trying to be realistic. I’m okay with it. It’s not real life. It’s a video game,” said freshman AJ Kline.

Alexander Gray
Users debating and defending Modern Warfare in the comments of Hawthorne’s article (Photo courtesy of Alexander Gray).

The thing is, I believe Hawthorne hasn’t done enough research, not touching on the in-game nuke, using a featured image from the wrong game, and only grabbing responses and opinions from Twitter.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Impressions- Taking war in a frightening direction” by VentureBeat’s journalist Dean Takahashi gave his opinion on the first look of the game. Throughout the article he was impressed with the technical level of the game. But that impressed attitude turned to disgust when he went over the campaign.

“Sometimes you have to judge something on just  what your eyes tell you. And my vote is that this single-player campaign should not ship with these scenes,” said Takahashi, stating his distaste with the direction of the realistic, gritty campaign.

In Takahashi’s article, he stated that the game was ripped from news headlines, then questioned if it was okay to make games based on mass shootings since they’re in the real world and the game is based on the real world.

That I believe is an unfair comparison. The Modern Warfare campaign is a work of fiction. There are elements that are taken from real world experiences to add to the realism, but at the end of the day, it’s still fiction. Comparing fiction to real-world massacres is out of the question.

Is it a war crime to dislike Call of Duty Modern Warfare” by Quarter to Three’s reporter Nick Daimon is a review in which he talks about his war experiences, compares them to Modern Warfare, and reviews the multiplayer. “In the campaign, white phosphorus is a horrific set-piece accompanied by screams and whimpers,” said Daimon.

His review isn’t solely described parts of the multiplayer and campaign. In fact, he didn’t touch the campaign because white phosphorus isn’t even in the campaign. He clearly did not review the game thoroughly. In fact, the majority of his article was him talking about his personal experiences during his time in war.

“I feel like they actually need to talk about the game,” said junior Rheanna Atherton.

I would say the worst part about the whole Modern Warfare controversy is the review bombing on sites like Metacritic. Surprisingly, many journalists haven’t tanked the game because of the direction the game is heading.

Out of the 3,195 reviews on Metacritic, 2,411 are negative. Upon inspecting, the negative reviews mainly consist of ones and zeroes and usually center around the use of white phosphorus, the game being “russophobic,” the use of political propaganda (I haven’t seen any in the game), and the game being all around violent and offensive.

In short, the hate towards Modern Warfare is blown out of proportion. The game is going for a dark realistic tone. It’s fiction, and yet people are enraged over there being real weapons of war, a real enemy, and realistic depictions to an extent. It’s just a game, and people are acting like it’s real. It’s just a bunch of nonsense.