Ladies, Pull Out Your Wallets.


Mallory Smith

Don’t miss out on this year’s fall dance! The dance will take place on November 9th from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. and tickets will cost $15 (Photo Credits to Mallory Smith).

The air turns crisp. The leaves turn to colors of red, yellow, and orange. The jackets become thicker. High school students sigh in relief at the turn of the season, welcoming the cool feeling of fall. Along with the entrance of autumn comes the entrance of the first dance of the year. Many schools have already had their homecoming dance and are now reminiscing over the photos. However, here at Brashier, students are gearing up for the fall formal. With the excitement of the upcoming formal, the long standing debate of whom should pay on a date begins to peek its head out at the pre-dance meal. Generally, there are three very common stances of whom should foot the bill on a night out.

“The guys [should pay]. It’s just that they’ve been doing that for a while and it just shows how he will treat her. It shows that he respects her and how much he wants to be with her,” said sophomore Caroline Roller.

In a NerdWallet Poll, over three fourths of respondents, both male and female, said that men should be the ones to pay. Generally, this is a more traditional style of thinking. This ideal sticks to the idea that men should pay as a way to show women how they deserve to be treated. After all, chivalry is not dead.

“The man should pay on dates simply because it’s nice and romantic. I think it does matter because the man is supposed to be respectful of the woman by doing simple things like paying,” said freshman Seth Daniel.

Based on the opinions of our very own Brashier students and staff, many believe in splitting the bill. This opinion says that it’s not fair for one person to always have to pay, especially in high school when no one has the money to do that.

“I think couples should take turns paying on dates. I mean it’s nice for the guy to pay, but I feel like the girl should pay sometimes too,” said freshman Grayson Acord.

Over time, alternating payments has become more common as women have started to take on larger jobs and roles. Splitting the bill is supportive of equality and fairness for everyone.

“Couples should go half and half. Not like the girl pays for her food and the guy pays for his food, but they should alternate. It’s not fair for the guy to always pay because [girls] work as much as the guys do. Some guys may not have a job and have a girlfriend who does have a job, so it’s not fair to expect him to pay for things all the time,” said junior Daelyn Anderson.

The third most common opinion states that the person who asked should be the one to pay. If a girl were to ask a guy on a date, she should be held accountable for paying because she originally proposed the idea. Therefore, the opposite should also be true; if a guy asks, the guy should pay.

“The person who initiated the date [should pay]. It was always expected that a man should pay on a date, but over time that expectation has generally gone away,” said math teacher Mike Diener.

In order for a relationship to be healthy and functional, payment must be talked about. If not, one person may hold resentment or feelings of unfairness.

“It’s important because there is some level of control and expectation that goes into paying. It could come out as a really positive thing or be a really negative thing and cause issues. One of the main issues of relationships is expectation. Unmet expectations creates tension. If there is an unmet expectation on either side, then that can cause issues,” said Diener.

Paying, however, is not the all-important factor of a successful date. The focus of the date should be on getting to know the person in a fun way not on who funds the night. In order to avoid miscommunication, consider the true importance of something as simple as footing the bill for one night. Because, what is life without love?

“Honestly, the whole thing is kind of stupid. The date should matter more than who pays for it,” said junior Devki Bhatt.