Man, Myth, Brashier Legend


Madison Crumpton

Diener and a handful of the students that he inspires and has the chance to impact daily (Photo courtesy of Madison Crumpton).

It is no secret that Brashier is home to what most people would call a legend: Mike Diener. Mike Diener is a Bob Jones University graduate, a father of two, a Brashier teacher of nine years, and a Tik-Tok influencer. But for Brashier students, Diener is the epitome of kindness and stature. 

“Kindness. I think that if you genuinely care about other people, then your life makes a whole lot more sense and I try to do that with my students… They should want to care about the people around them,” Mike Diener told the Bengal Beat. 

The ideals and character traits that Diener projects, has an effect on students. They notice this whether it is truly his intention or not.  

“He is caring. I think that he both really cares about people and is also really passionate about his job,” said sophomore Leah Johnson.

Diener is well-known for his advice, pep-talks, and his determined mentality. His influence is non-stop and can be seen in just about every student. 

“He has given me advice on a lot of my issues and things that I struggle with. He gave me tips on how to deal with that,” added Johnson.

Diener separates himself from every other teacher at Brashier through his personality and characteristics. Some students also believe it’s largely through his excited non-stop energy.

“His ability to have all that energy at eight in the morning is unmatched,” sophomore Heather Queen told the Bengal Beat. 

Diener’s impact is something that even parents recognize. BMC has an annual award known as “Brashier’s Best.” The winner of the award is voted on through a survey filled out by parents and students. The award is meant to go to the teacher who has the biggest impact on the student body and deserves to be recognized. Diener has won for four years consecutively, which is since the award was first created during the 2015-2016 school year. 

Madison Crumpton
The plaque proving who is “Brashier’s Best” for four years in a row: Mike Diener (Photo courtesy of Madison Crumpton).

“Deserve is such a terrible word…. It is just such a privilege to be here. It is cool and it is real validation that the things I do matter. Even if I never got another award, I already understand that the things I do, are doing what I want them to do,” said Diener. 

14% of votes from students and 19% of votes from parents were for Mr.Diener. The runner-up for students and parents both had 8% of votes, but these were two different teachers. Although the numbers are not very high, there is not another common teacher who was largely voted for as there was Mr. Diener. On top of such, both of the runner-ups were 6% away from Diener, which is a wide bridge when compared to the amount of people who voted. 

“I feel like I try more in a class if I can tell that the teacher is trying back. If the teacher doesn’t care [about me], then I don’t try,” Johnson told the Bengal Beat.

Diener has commented on how he recognizes that students like Johnson feel this way. 

“Students know when it’s fake. Students know when they are cared about and not cared about,” said Diener.

Madison Crumpton
The homepage of the infamous Mike Diener’s Tik Tok. Diener’s page description once said “I’m a math teacher who wants to help students succeed beyond school.”, now his description is directed towards all people and not just students. Diener amassed over 400,000 views on one of his videos (Photo courtesy of Enoch Orozco)!

Not only does Diener influence his own students in the hallways and classrooms of Brashier, but he influences complete strangers and students outside of the classroom. He also has a Tik Tok. On this social media page, he makes math jokes, videos of his awesome back-flips, but most importantly, Diener shares positive messages. This little but impactful act cannot be overlooked. Compared to lip syncing to inappropriate songs, doing provocative dances, or saying anything deconstructive as most users do on the app, a teacher is spending his free time encouraging and trying to uplift his students… and strangers! 

“Diener is willing to go the extra mile…He is willing to put in the extra effort to call students out and talk to them. That is dedication,” added Queen.

His heart and soul are everywhere; everything Diener does is with a purpose and compassion. 

“Influence really begins with understanding… it starts there,” added Diener. 

The bottom line is that Diener is an all-star. He is the tangible version of Brashier’s infamous saying “Hard Work Pays Off” and is always willing to do anything for a student, or just any person in general. Mike Diener is truly Brashier’s man, myth, and legend. 

This is going to sound cliche but, I think this is a calling for me more than it is a job. Honestly, it is a calling. I’m here because I am supposed to be here. I believe I was placed here for a reason…to be part of your life, the lives of the students here. And to leave them better than I found them. Authenticity is going to be the thing that always wins in the end. If you are honest and you care, that will always show up over time.”

— Mike Diener