Mother’s Day In Quarantine


Madison Crumpton

We love our moms. Quarantine or not, so don’t forget to celebrate them on Mother’s Day! (Photo courtesy of Madison Crumpton)

Don’t let this Mother’s Day be a bust due to the Coronavirus! No one can overshadow your mom, even in the midst of a pandemic. If you didn’t get your mom a present beforehand, can’t go shopping in stores, or just don’t want to risk getting sick, let the Bengal Beat help with that. Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 10th, so make sure you have one of these items before the big day. Whether you want to make something like you did when you were little, stick with some of the classics, or find her something special online, this is the list for you. 



1. DIY Sugar lip scrubs 

Sometimes moms forget to take time off for themselves. Make your mom a fancy lip scrub to remind her that every now and again she deserves to be pampered. Use containers found in your house or use store-bought ones, decorate them with glitter and buttons to make it even more personal. 

2. Homemade cards

Taking the time to make a fun (and low-cost card), will remind your mom of how much you care about her. Make sure it is extra beautiful! (P.S. take a look at number four as an idea of something that you can put on your homemade card).

3. Sticky Note Heart

Something quick and easy? You’re going to need sticky notes and lots of them. Write down positive messages, cute memories, and awesome qualities of your mom and then arrange the sticky notes into the shape of a heart. Make sure it is somewhere that she will see it, and that will surprise her! Stick it on her vanity mirror or maybe on the fridge?

4. “Helping us Grow” 

Find pictures of you and your siblings and make flowers with them. You can use cupcake liners, regular construction paper, glitter, markers, anything you can think of! Stick the flowers on straws to make a “bouquet” or glue them to a piece of paper/ a card.

5. The classic coupon book 

Making a coupon book is a throwback to elementary school, that was back when you didn’t have money to buy your mom a gift. This way you can remind her that the only thing that has changed about you since then is your height… since you still don’t have money to buy her a gift. At least this time, your coupons can be more of a service; one free grocery store run, one free help with supper card, or even one free “home spa day”.

6. Flower Bouquet 

This one is very easy, go out in your yard or head to the store and pick out some flowers for your mom. Stick them in a vase or change it up, and put them into a mason jar. Even something this simple can make your mom’s day.

7. A Special Poem

Google a cool poem for your mom or be creative and write your own, make it funny, or make it sweet. Either way, she is sure to love it. Write the poem on a card, on her gift, or maybe just text it to her. 

8. Playlist 

Personally, my mom and I listen to music for everything. When we get ready together, when we cook, when we are in the car, I mean just anything. Make your mom a playlist full of meaningful songs, maybe her favorites that y’all love to jam out to, or make it a “punny” playlist about quarantine. This gift can even be something that you enjoy together.


1. Sugar cookies!

Look up homemade sugar cookie recipes online or stop by your local grocery stores to pick up some cookie mix! Decorate them or leave them plain, either way, it will be a very delightful treat. 

2. Breakfast In Bed

Talk about a classic, fix your mom some breakfast. Pancakes? Fruit? Biscuits and gravy!? Whose mom doesn’t love that? This is a perfect idea… unless you can’t cook, then maybe you should make her some cereal… and have her teach you how to cook. (P.S. breakfast in bed with some fresh flowers would be absolutely gorgeous for your mom)

3. Coffee for a Cutie

Ah yes, coffee. We all know that your mom cannot go without her coffee, pair it up with breakfast in bed or a homemade card for an effortless yet successful mother’s day. 


Online Shopping

1. If you want something amazing with little effort, choose one of many Bath & Body Works sets. Summer is right around the corner and your mom wants to smell absolutely fabulous. 

2. In light of the pandemic that’s happening, make your mom laugh with this silly Toilet Paper Mug. It can be a little piece of history for y’all to look back on in the future. 

3. What mom doesn’t love jewelry and cute clothes? Make her look stylish while you help support your local boutiques during the Coronavirus this Mother’s Day!

4. Don’t want to make something? Let someone else do it, order on Etsy! Etsy has gifts specifically for Mother’s day, and just about anything else you can think of. 

5. All of this quarantine stuff has your mom feeling a bit “wild” these days, get her this “exotic” shirt to go along with her most recent favorite binge show. She is sure to love the thought of this very unique and timely gift. If you are feeling extra “wild” get matching t-shirts so y’all can twin! 


Just remember, that even though there is something so big going on right now, you can always take the time to celebrate your mom. Expensive or cheap, homemade or store-bought, gift or not, your mom loves you and will be happy to have your love. Happy Mother’s Day!