“No Time To Die” from COVID-19


Madison Crumpton

Despite the hiatus caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, the 007 film, “No Time To Die” is sure to be a showstopper. Starring Daniel Craig as Bond in his final film in the series, viewers hope for a smashing finish (Photo courtesy of Madison Crumpton).

The name’s Bond, James Bond. Everybody knows where this catchphrase comes from, whether they have watched any movies in the 007 series or not. The Bond films are iconic pieces of work that are well known for their dramatic plots, fast cars, intense action scenes, exotic destinations, and of course the “seductive” lead roles. 

The newest edition to the series is, No Time To Die. No Time To Die will be the final film with actor, Daniel Craig, as James Bond. Craig acted in other installments in the Bond series as well; Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace, Skyfall, and Spectre. This will be his fifth film as 007.

“We’d been telling our team for years that we want to do something with Bond,” said Billie Eilish.

The creation of the film began in 2016, with the film being directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga. There was talk about who would be the next artist to sing the opening song, which is a classic part of the 007 films. In February of 2020, it was announced that pop-icon Billie Eilish would sing the opening song. Her brother, Finneas O’Connell helped co-write it along with the track’s producer. The song was also titled “No Time To Die”, and with such a high-profile star singing the song it created a lot of buzz surrounding the upcoming movie. Eilish is the youngest performer to ever record the opening theme song.  

“That’s the vibe. That’s the everything. It’s a perfect movie song. In its quietness, somehow, you have a huge landscape in front of you,” Hans Zimmer told Vulture

Supposedly, the movie is to open with Bond and his love interest from the previous movie, Spectre, Madeleine Swann. Bond, once again, is trying to retire. He is in Jamaica and believes that Swann has betrayed him, as her father was once the leader of SPECTRE, a heinous organization that conspires against MI6 and Bond. He receives a letter from his infamous CIA friend, Felix Leiter. Leiter is asking for help from Bond to retrieve a kidnapped scientist. Bond travels to several places, ending up in Cuba. He faces some of his toughest challenges yet, and the newest villain, Safin. Can he overcome evil and keep his love life in tow? Knowing 007, he will at least accomplish the first goal. 

Although many details are not known, we do know that since it is Craig’s last Bond film that the movie will most likely be a summary of the other Bond movies that the actor starred in. It is the longest film of the 007 series, coming in at 2 hours and 43 minutes. 

“I’m really…I’m okay,” he told the outlet. “I don’t think I would have been if I’d done the last film and that had been it. But this, I’m like… Let’s go. Let’s get on with it. I’m fine,” said Craig

Originally to be released in April, the pandemic of COVID-19 has pushed the release date to November 12th for the United Kingdom, and the 25th for the United States. This is not the only film to be postponed; Mulan, Black Widow, Minions: The Rise of Gru, and A Quiet Place Part II, are just a few others that have been pushed back. 

“MGM, Universal and Bond producers, Michael G Wilson and Barbara Broccoli, announced today that after careful consideration and thorough evaluation of the global theatrical marketplace, the release of ‘No Time to Die’ will be postponed until November 2020,” said IndieWire.

Producers and fans everywhere are worried that the movie might not do well in the Box Office now. All the hype of Billie Eilish singing the theme song and it being Daniel Craig’s last role as 007 is dissipating due to the push back date. Will the movie still keep people’s interest despite the wait, loss of the hype, and the Coronavirus? 

Although the curfews, social distancing, and the loss of toilet paper create a struggle for all, at least there will be a James Bond movie to watch once this is all over…unless the date gets pushed back again.