Out The Window


Peter H.

It was a gangling, skeletal thing with lanky limbs. Its body was darker than Hell itself, but its eyes. Its round eyes covered almost half its face and were bright white, almost empty like there was nothing inside (Photo courtesy of Pixabay, photo credits to Peter H.).

It was my house. My home. My safe place. 

Beep Beep Beep Beep. I rolled over to check my alarm only to find the inevitable. The clock face read 6:30 AM, also known as my least favorite time of the day. I dragged my drained body out of my bed and witnessed my insufferable appearance in the bathroom mirror. As I brushed my teeth, I looked out the bathroom window through the reflection in the mirror, then looked back at myself. Out of the corner of my eye, I caught sight of an opaque shadow that flashed by the window, blocking all the sunlight streaming through. My eyes were immune to the shadows that flew in and out of my house, but for some reason, this one became imprinted in my brain. 

7:15 AM. Right on schedule. I hurried down the dark oak staircase, jumped onto the landing, then shuffled down the second set of stairs; I took a wrong step, a tumble if you will. I clearly needed a rest, so I kinda just laid there on the kitchen floor for a minute or so. As I gathered myself to get up, my eyes caught a dark figured that darted past the window above the kitchen sink. Feeling rather spooked by these uncomfortably similar morning events, I hightailed it out of my house, locking the door behind me. 

In the seven hours I was at school, the only thought that crossed my mind was the ominous shadow that seemed to lurk near my windows. As I sank deeper into my abstractions as my gaze slid to the window. Abruptly, everything became dark, and I seemed to be left alone in the gloomy classroom. My field of vision caught sight of a figure standing amongst the trees outside of the school; I had a feeling like a snake was slithering up my spine. It was a gangling, skeletal thing with lanky limbs. Its body was darker than Hell itself, but its eyes. Its round eyes covered almost half its face and were bright white, almost empty-looking, like there was nothing inside. Its mouth was nonexistent but grew into the most terrifying smile as soon as I saw it, almost as if It knew something I didn’t. It took a step closer and sta- BANG. A friend of mine slammed her math book on my table, capturing my attention, and exclaimed, “What. Is. HAPPENING.” I chuckled a little, but I couldn’t help but glance back at the window. Nothing. Nothing was there. 

3:32 PM. I practically broke the door down in order to get into my house because I needed a nap. The days’ events were overwhelming and seemingly impossible. I leapt up the same stairs that I fell down earlier that day, flung my bedroom door open, and flopped onto my inviting bed. My eyes sewed themselves shut and I instantly fell asleep. 

11:02 PM. Clearly my nap had turned itself into a deep slumber, and there was no chance of me getting any sleep tonight. I gathered myself, flung the sheets off my warm body, and left the safety of my bedroom. I shuffled down the staircase, being careful not to fall again.  I glanced into the kitchen, spying my backpack and lunch box that I had placed on the counter earlier that day. Hearing a loud growling noise, I realized how incredibly hungry I was. I slid across the floor until I reached the refrigerator, hoping to find something somewhat edible inside. Cheese? No. Salad? No. There weren’t any prospective options. Before I could make my choice, I heard a loud smack coming from behind me. I slowly turned around, taking notice of everything I could see until my eyes reached it. The window. A hand was pressed against it. A dark, emaciated hand that looked all too familiar. Suddenly food became of no interest to me. I did a sharp 180° turn and bolted for the stairs. Skipping stairs as I went, I was too afraid to look back. I slammed my door shut, locked it and turned all my lights off. I climbed into my bed, pulling the covers over my shaking body. Another smack against the glass, but this time much closer to me. Slowly pulling the covers down, I peered out the window. Before me was a dark figure with the most empty, white eyes, and virtually no mouth. Then, just like clockwork, its smile began to grow into a sinister grin as it watched me. I couldn’t help but hide my head under the covers. That was until I heard my bedroom window slide open, and felt the chill of a thousand bugs crawl over me as it grabbed my ankle.