Second Sister Success Story


Photo courtesy of Instagram, photo credits to irumhafeesart

James Charles fan, Irum Hafeez, created a digital replica of one of James Charles’s marketing makeup looks that Charles created using his palette (Photo courtesy of Instagram, photo credits to irumhafeesart).

Earlier this year, YouTube phenomenon, James Charles exploded across the internet. His popularity has continued to grow even more over the past few months. Best known for his colorful and unique makeup looks, James Charles has changed the way the world views the beauty industry. Since the article Sister Success Story was published, James Charles has continued to accomplish amazing things and build his reputation.

On November 13, 2018, James Charles made history for his beauty brand. He partnered with Morphe and released the Artistry Collection, which includes a makeup brush set and a makeup palette. With 39 bold and bright colors, James has created the most unique palette the makeup industry has seen in a while. Beauty influencers from all around have taken a liking to the beautiful shades and perfect brushes James has created.

James Charles recently released his makeup palette and makeup brush collection with Morphe, titled “Unleash Your Inner Artist” (Photo courtesy of Instagram, photo credits to jamescharles_d).

Makeup isn’t the only secret project James has recently released. He has also released a few different collections of his own merchandise. First, James launched an “original” merch line, including sweatshirts with his infamous phrase “sisters,” and a sweatshirt with Flashback Mary, poking fun at one of his most dramatic internet scandals. Then, James released some of his most iconic sayings, such as “love that” and “not with that attitude,” on sweatshirts. Most recently, James has released clothing, such as jackets, shorts, sweatpants, and belts, with “sisters” written on the side. He also released rainbow sisters sweatshirts called the “Artistry Collection” which was released with his palette.

This time last year, James Charles’s YouTube channel was growing uncontrollably, and this exponential growth hasn’t stopped. On November 23, 2018, James hit 10 million subscribers at just 19 years old. With his overwhelming support, he has successfully obtained fame…and apparently fortune!

Irum Hafeez
James Charles showcases different makeup looks in his marketing campaign and demonstrates the endless possibilities for the incredible range of colors in his palette (Photo courtesy of Instagram, photo credits to irumhafeesart).

James Charles has gained so much fortune that his younger brother, Ian Jeffery, and himself were able to buy a house in the suburbs of Los Angeles, California. It isn’t often that a 19-year-old can buy a large house in an extremely expensive area. James Charles even bought himself his first car, a 2018 Tesla Model X. But, where does a 19-year-old get enough money to buy a house and spend over $100,000 on a car?

However, these successes did not happen overnight. He started with a simple vanity and camcorder in his basement with only the support of his family. Now, just a few years later, James is buying designer brands, creating his own brands, releasing his own makeup, and buying a house and a car with the money he’s made from YouTube. He even won a Teen Choice Award for Fashion/Beauty Web Star. If we learn nothing else, we can all agree that, especially in James Charles’s story, hard work truly does pay off.