Sister Success Story


Dmitry Vysotsky

James Charles’s creativity and confidence has greatly influenced all of his viewers. This influence can be seen by this fan’s own version of Charles’s New Years makeup look (Photo courtesy of Instagram, photo credits to Dmitry Vysotsky).

James Charles is currently one of the most influential content creators in the media. In less than three years, he has reached over eight million followers. Since August, he has gained over a million subscribers on YouTube. How did a nineteen-year-old male rise to the top of the beauty industry so quickly?

“I think it’s impressive how popular he is. He became famous so quickly and all he did was be himself. He shows people that anyone can do anything if they work hard for it,” said junior Liam Sinclair.

James Charles created his YouTube channel at the end of 2015. At only sixteen years old, Charles began creating makeup looks and posting them onto YouTube and Instagram to teach other people how to recreate his looks. However, his career received a huge jumpstart when he was announced to be CoverGirl’s first male representative.

“James is so confident and talented, and I think that is one of the major reasons so many people are interested in him. He has taught so many people how to be true to themselves, and it’s a very positive message for everyone to hear,” said freshman Blaire Dumit.  

The first CoverBoy not only brought an immense amount of recognition but also a lot of controversy. For the first few months of his fame, Charles was involved in a lot of drama. He tweeted, posted, and spoke about his opinions on topics such as popular movies and other celebrities, and received a lot of backlash from disagreeing viewers. These controversies had the power to make or break his influential status.

“He seems to really care about what he does and how he influences people. He is so talented and dedicated to producing content that he is proud of. Even though he started with a lot of drama, he learned how to handle it. He’s gotten much more popular since,” said junior Olivia Leonard.

James Charles’s fans showcase their own talents through art, just as James Charles does through his makeup (Photo courtesy of Instagram, photo credits to Kukka Ritoranta).

Charles realized how impactful his opinions had the potential to be, and just in time. He began to handle his scandals in a professional way and has been gaining fans and supporters ever since.

“He has so many people quoting him. We live so far away in a small town compared to LA, and yet everyone here still talks about him all the time,” said junior Anna Jernigan.

Charles is possibly most known for his supporters. Notorious for calling his subscribers, and frankly everyone else, “Sisters,” James Charles has strategically gotten millions of people around the world using his lingo. His influence is everywhere, from our speech to our confidence.

“He’s most known for saying ‘sisters’ and I think a lot of people have started quoting him because they enjoy watching him and are inspired by his confidence,” said freshman Madison Hutchins.

In the YouTube community, it’s common for YouTubers to create videos with each other, hoping to introduce their subscribers to each other’s channel. James Charles has collaborated with many influencers in the beauty industry, such as Jaclyn Hill, NikkieTutorials, and Jeffree Star. However, some of his most popular collaborations have been with YouTubers outside of the beauty industry, such as Emma Chamberlain and The Dolan Twins, the four of them more commonly known as The Sister Squad.

“The Sister Squad are some of my favorite people to watch. They all work so well together, and they’re so funny. Collaborations are a great way for them to share subscribers and become more successful, but it’s also more entertaining for the viewers and probably more fun for them to film,” said senior Jenna Oppatt.

James Charles is one of the most famous makeup artists in this generation. He uses his creativity, in both his art and production, to set himself apart from the ever-increasing YouTube population. His hard work and dedication are impossible to miss in any of his content.

A fan has created a digitally drawn version of James Charles’s latest makeup look, depicting the Aurora Borealis (Photo courtesy of Instagram, photo credits to Monzerrath).

“He doesn’t care what anyone thinks. When people hate on his videos, he just ignores it or makes a funny video about it. He is known for his confidence, as well as his creativity. He encourages everyone to be who they are, and not try to be someone else,” said freshman Kate Odom.

His makeup looks are more skillful and unconventional than most people are used to seeing in the media. Some of James Charles’s most iconic looks include his New Years look, his Halloween looks, and his nature-inspired looks. Charles has reinvented the standards of beauty and makeup, and he is continuously attracting curious viewers and inspired subscribers.

“It’s impressive how open he is with everyone. He doesn’t care what people think of him; he continues to do what makes him happy. He isn’t scared to pursue a situation that he might not be familiar with. He sets an example for people to step out of their comfort zones, and I think it has really affected lots of people in a good way,” said freshman Bella Moreno.

James Charles has changed the beauty industry. It is no longer just a woman’s source of confidence, but a unique creative outlet for everybody. The innovative risks James Charles takes, whether in fashion, makeup, or media, have increased his recognition, popularity, and his sister success.

“If you want to do this, DO IT. Express yourself and let your creativity flow. Be consistent, go in with goals and aspirations. Go big or go home. Be yourself and stay strong — it can be crazy sometimes, but as long as you’re putting out content you’re happy with and inspiring others, that’s what truly matters,” said James Charles in an interview with Cosmopolitan.