Something Missing

School spirit can dramatically improve the attitude towards Brashier, especially at pep- rallies, such as this one during Dig Pink. (Photo credits to )

High School is a time known for dances, football games, pep rallies, homework, and school spirit. While Brashier has the homework aspect, they seem to be lacking in every other category.  Most students at Brashier are there for the academics, so they aren’t focused on making a memorable high school experience.

“People don’t see Brashier as a public school, even though it is. Because you have to wear uniforms and it’s not like the other schools, it seems like we can’t do things that other “normal” schools do,” said Student Forum advisor Chantee Cruell.

Student Forum sends out surveys to see what types of activities Brashier students would like. However, when events are planned, the attendance is scarce, which only contributes to lack of our spirit. Students then complain about the events being no fun, which could be easily adjusted by simply having a larger audience. Showing up to the after-school events makes students feel more unified as a school, which makes every aspect of Brashier enjoyable, regardless if students are at school or not.

Getting involved also creates a more entertaining environment for both the staff and students. There are many ways in which you can get involved, such as student forum, newspaper, yearbook, and any one of the numerous clubs or teams Brashier has to offer. Finding something you enjoy will often lead you to others to like the same activities, which creates a more unifying environment, thus, forming more spirit, and a closer bond between students, amongst all classes. While clubs and sports are entertaining, participating in dress-up days, Dig Pink, fundraisers, dances, and spirit week make school more enjoyable. Even if the theme or event is ridiculous, dress up and participate anyway. Be ridiculous together! You’re only in high school once, so have fun while you’re at it.

“Student forum sends out surveys that the students take, but when the forum plans the events in the survey, not a lot of people show up, which leads back to no spirit,” said Ms. Cruell.

Having a negative attitude towards Brashier also affects the student body’s spirit. If the student body acts as though they don’t want to be there, negative energy spreads, which decreases the level of enthusiasm they are willing to give when it comes time to attend pep-rallies, dances, and sporting events. A lot of the time, the energy depends on the upperclassmen, especially the seniors. Their attitude influences the rest of the school, which in turn, determines how the other classes act during school functions. So if their enthusiasm is lacking, most likely, the rest of the school is too.

“We should act like we like our school instead of treating it like a prison,” said sophomore Enoch Orozco.

Obviously, the lack of spirit isn’t entirely up to the student body. Brashier’s school size is about the normal quantity of a public school’s single class. This is another contributor to the lack of attendance and spirit at school functions. Even though the size of the school plays a big role in student motivation, there are still things students could do as a whole to make the atmosphere at school more inviting, energetic, and enthusiastic. Simply showing up to functions, having a positive attitude, and embracing the uniqueness of Brashier can significantly influence a student’s thoughts towards the school, which would greatly increase the school spirit of Brashier.

“People need to actually try and participate in the activities that the school hosts, and make them fun, even if they aren’t,” said sophomore Carly Alexander.