Spirit Week Backstage


Brashier Student Forum members get ready for the first Spirit Week pep rally with FIKE students (Photo Courtesy of Quinn Divers).

Spirit Week is one of the highlights of the year for many high school students. The fun, the experiences, and the memories are something that many Brashier students look forward to and cherish each year. However, many people don’t know how much work goes into Spirit Week beforehand.

“Because there was so much to plan, we had to take it one activity at a time. It moved along quickly once we started planning. We are hoping to see a lot of participation and we hope that everyone enjoys everything that we have prepared,” says junior Paeden Dubiel.

Brashier’s Student Forum has been working for months to smoothly bring the beloved week of fun. They have spent hours organizing the activities planned, from the first pep rally on January 12th through the Homecoming dance on January 19th.

“One of the hardest parts about the preparation is the amount of time you have to put in. We have so much to do that we meet after school, before school, and sometimes even during the weekend. Some people think we just organize it all a few weeks before Spirit Week and that we can change things really easily, but that’s not the case at all,” says sophomore Shelby Bowers.

For the majority, the most rewarding part of the process is when the week commences and all the plans start to materialize. After coming up with ideas, planning them, and then finally adding them to the calendar, the hardworking Student Forum members get to sit back and enjoy their hard work coming to life.

“I’m most excited for Homecoming, because it will be my first Homecoming ever, or Throwback Thursday because I have a really cool costume planned. I’m a little nervous that something will go wrong; however, I have high hopes and I think everything will go really well,” says freshman Christian Malave.

The parts of Spirit Week with the most participation are the school wide dress down days. These days are meant to be a fun, comfortable way to get out of our everyday uniforms while also raising money for FIKE.

“We try to change it up each year. In the past, we have done fundraisers for disabled children, animals, and other things. This year, we decided to keep is close to us and help students,” says teacher Chantee Cruell.

FIKE, or Fountain Inn Kid Enrichment, is a nonprofit organization whose goal is to enrich, educate, and encourage students. They provide help with homework, a mentor for each student, character building activities, fun games, and a hot meal daily for students. For many of the children there, this may be the only hot meal and homework help they will receive each day.

“Since we had already helped animals last year, we wanted to try to do something that would help kids instead. A lot of the kids there don’t get any help with their homework besides what’s given at FIKE. Some of them don’t even get meals except for what they get at school and at FIKE. Even after spending time with them for just one day, I could really tell they benefit from it a lot, and I think it’s really cool that we can help them by doing fun stuff like dressing out,” says Bowers.

Brashier’s Student Forum chose FIKE out of a variety of different nonprofit organizations. They chose to help a small organization in our community rather than a very large organization, so that the money will be going to help students only a few miles away from us. FIKE has recently obtained a new building, which they plan to use to help more kids. However, they currently don’t have enough money to pay new tutors to increase the number of students in their program. They plan to use the money Brashier raises to help hire more tutors so that they can reach out to as many students as possible in Fountain Inn Elementary School.

“A lot of people don’t agree with the stuff we do, and it can be hard to please everyone. We do try to make everything simple enough so that everyone can participate. There are surveys that the students fill out, and the activities we choose are all based on what the majority of the students ask for on the survey,” says Dubiel.

As they plan the activities for the week, Student Forum tries to come up with creative ways to include the entire student body. They work their hardest to bring a quality week filled with fun to Brashier Middle College. However, everything doesn’t always go according to plan.

“There are only a couple things I wish had happened differently. I wish that Martin Luther King Jr. Day had not fallen in the middle of the week. Also, I wish our rival had a girl’s team. Those aren’t really major things, but I think they are small things that could have made the week even more successful,” says Bowers.

Even though they may run into some obstacles while planning the week, they all enjoy what they do. If anything, they may look forward to the week even more than the rest of the student body! They understand the hard work that takes place before the fun.

“My favorite part has been creating all the plans. It’s my first year at Brashier, and it’s really cool to be a part of the team that gets to design the layout. There are some things that I don’t understand because I haven’t been here in past years to witness them, but there are always people willing to help me,” says Malave.

In the end, the goal of Spirit Week is to create a fun and memorable memory for the student body, while also raising as much as possible for the students at FIKE. Brashier’s goal is to raise $15,000 this Spirit Week.

“I don’t judge the success of Spirit Week by a money value. Obviously, I want it to be successful, but I judge it more based on what I hear after. Even if it’s negative, I think it’s good to talk about what could have been better or what everyone liked so that we can make it even better the next year. It’s even better when we hear people talking about all the things they enjoyed. It’s important to us that everyone has a good time; if they don’t, we want to learn why so we can improve everything even more for next year,” says Cruell.