Students Slack While Teachers Work During Arts Intersession Week

Junior Trey Sanders plays guitar during Arts Intersession Week

During Arts Intersession week at BMC, school lets out at 12:30, at least for the students anyway. A survey was taken on some students this week, asking what they did after school.  Students said they were: going to the gym, picking up siblings, and playing video games.

The more popular responses were: eating, sleeping, and hanging with friends.  With all the various responses, there were very few about the make-up exams on Friday.

 Chelsey Cummings says, along with other activities, she is”‘ trying’ to study for exams.”  

While students are treating this week with great ease and racing for the doors when the 12:30 bell rings, the teachers are staying until 3 or 4 in the afternoon. They are staying as busy, if not more, than usual, trying to plan for 2nd semester.

English Teacher Joanna Westbrook stated, “My day consists of mostly planning. We’ll go out to eat for lunch, then come back and Ill plan for freshman seminar.”

 Assistant Principal Trina Freeman says, “I’ve been planning for Arts Intersession, like the things that need to be organized by the next day. I’ll help other teachers with grading, my schedule is kind of the same as usual I just have Arts Intersession on top of everything else.”

 The most reoccurring response from the faculty was planning. All the teachers, no matter what subject, said planning was their primary objective to accomplish after the students left this week.