Taping Up Kindness


Photo courtesy of Pixabay, photo credits to ktphotography

Nothing goes better together than jeans and duct tape (Photo courtesy of Pixabay, photo credits to ktphotography).

Kindness Counts Week has just wrapped up at Brashier. Students enjoyed dressing down, eating ice cream, playing fun games, and participating in the assembly. However, the dressing down caught a snag when it came to people wearing jeans. Many people wore jeans with holes, and because of this, those people ended up having duct tape over their knees to cover up the holes, which distracted students from the point of the week: kindness.

“The rules were [that] you could wear jeans but they were not supposed to have holes in them. I just saw it and figured maybe I would start a new fashion trend. It was kind of [something to do at] the end of the week…just for fun,” said the student forum advisor Chantee Cruell.

No matter the fun that should have been had, not everyone felt as light-hearted about duct taping knees. Many people felt that taping up the holes in jeans was unnecessary, because many of the holes weren’t noticeable or they were below the knee, which follows dress code.

“I think it’s stupid. The whole reason to tape up the knees was to not draw attention to the skin, but if anything, it draws more attention to it. Also the dress code goes like an ID above the knees, so why they needed to tape up [the students] knees [was] unclear,” said sophomore Ana Sallurday.

Many students also believe that taping up people’s knees only makes the situation worse. This statement is based off of the opinion that the taped up knees only draws more attention to the skin that the hole revealed in the first place. The point of taping them is to cover up the skin that was showing; however, giant duct tape knee pads might be a little more eye grabbing.

“I don’t think duct taping people’s knees was necessary. It was actually more distracting to have the knees taped up,” said sophomore Joseph Skapin.

Photo courtesy of Sarah Buckmaster, photo credits to Andrew Wiles
Students with holes in their jeans had them taped if they were above the knee (Photo courtesy of Sarah Buckmaster, photo credits to Andrew Wiles).

Brashier is not the first school to deal with this problem. In a middle school in Maryland, a girl violated the school dress code by having holes above her knees in her jeans. The girl was told to go up to the front desk after a teacher noticed, and after going up to the front desk, the girl was told to cover the holes in her jeans with duct tape. The school did not give her a chance to get a change of clothes, but once her mother heard about the incident, she contacted the school principal, who  has since apologized.

“Don’t forget that it’s Kindness Counts week!! Wear a ____ colored top with school appropriate jeans (no holes)!” said the Brashier Administration via Remind messages.

So far the issue at Brashier hasn’t gone as far as the Maryland Middle School, but it probably shouldn’t either. Maybe Ms. Cruell was right, duct taping jeans is just a fun trend for the future.