The Art of Burlesque


Jules Doyle

Burlesque is not just a movie, but a performance still popular in big cities (Photo courtesy of J. Von Stratton, photo credits to Jules Doyle).

10 years ago, the movie Burlesque came out featuring huge stars such as Cher, Christina Aguilera, Kristen Bell, and many more. Christina Aguilera plays a small town girl, Ali Rose, who moves to Los Angeles to look for something more than what her hometown could offer. One of her first nights there, she walks into a club and sees beautiful women up on stage performing extravagant performances and dances. Immediately, she sets out to join them but Tess, played by Cher, the owner of the club refuses to let her even try. Ali gets a job as a waitress and learns every single performance the girls put on in their shows. 

When auditions come around, Ali doesn’t dance with the other girls. She comes on after and does any dance that Tess tells her to do. She begs Tess to give her a chance after being told no multiple times. Her persistence shines and Tess finally gives her the opportunity to perform with the other girls who have danced there for years. She will not regret this decision for Ali.

She brings new ideas as the club is being threatened to shut down because of the shortage in money. Tess refuses to accept any of these suggestions in the beginning because she doesn’t want anything to change from how she has always run it. Tess never wants the girls to sing on stage; instead they must lipsync, until the music unexpectedly shuts off and Ali has her time to shine.

She sings the rest of the the song and everyone in the building is amazed by her beautiful voice. Tess finally changes her old ways, but will she be able to save her club and keep the girls around and shining?

Burlesque is perfect for anyone who loves an inspiring movie, especially for females who like a good love story as well. This film is inspiring for anyone who has big dreams that he or she hopes to achieve. From Ali being stuck in a small town to finally moving and pursuing her careers, anyone can see this and work hard to achieve whatever goals he or she has.

This movie includes partying, drinking, and sexualized themes. Although the movie is for a mature audience, thriving for success is a huge theme in this movie and for everyone in it, from Ali to Tess and all the other dancers. It is important for all of them to be successful.

I have never been so inspired to go all out for my goals and dreams until I saw this film. I feel like everyone can relate to Ali, especially if they are from a small town. A large number of people want to have huge dreams related to jobs in Hollywood and Los Angeles. But, even the people that don’t have glamorous dreams of being famous would relate to Ali by pushing themselves as far as they can until they get exactly what they want. 

This is an unconventional way of getting this message across by using the very old school Burlesque with a modern twist. Even today, Burlesque performances today take place in New York City and Los Angeles. They have taken on a more modern twist by using new music and men in the dances. So, Burlesque gives so many people the push to go out and live out their own dreams.