The Mysterious Side of the Internet


Enoch Orozco

The deep web is a darker side of the internet where very violent and dangerous things take place (Photo courtesy of Enoch Orozco).

While the common user browses through social media or asks Google a simple question to settle an argument, there exists a lesser known, darker side of the internet full of malice and evil. It’s hard to come across the “deep web” unless you actively search for it. It is largely ignored, most likely because not much is known about it. However, in this case, ignorance isn’t always bliss. The deep web is something that needs to be discussed in order to help people avoid the potential threats it can lead to.

“I just know that it’s dark; that’s all,” said junior Brigitte Pinochet. This quote clearly shows that not much is known about the deep web. The danger of “not knowing” can lead to many consequences if the situation is not taken seriously.

So, what exactly happens on the deep web? This is a very tricky question to tackle because it ranges from normal social media forums to: human trafficking, hitmen for hire, and cult-like internet followings. However, everything that happens on this platform can be summarized in one word: abnormal. Any and every site you visit on the deep web has the chance to infect your computer with a virus, find its way into your router system, and obtain your personal information. 

As junior Aiden Williams said, “You can, like, order people there. It’s kinda weird.” Many weird and mysterious things take place there, and many of them are dangerous. 

Anyone curious in exploring the deep web must take safety precautions to avoid any of the aforementioned consequences. The first safety precaution is to just avoid it entirely. The saying “curiosity killed the cat” very much applies to the scenario; no sick curiosity is worth the potential consequences that could follow. However, if you must take this dangerous plunge, this article will show you ways to keep yourself safe. While this article will not tell you how to access the deep web since it’s so dangerous, it will show you how to be safe on it.

How do you stay safe on the deep web? There are no ways to be completely safe, but there are ways to limit the dangers the deep web has. The first, and most important step, is to install a VPN (Virtual Private Network), such as ExpressVPN, that redirects malicious hackers from finding your router or address. The VPN directs the criminal to an outside source, so they can’t reach your personal information. However, skilled and experienced hackers can identify VPN usage and still locate your information. The next step is to use a computer you don’t mind getting rid of after. The most likely scenario is your computer will become infected with malware and will completely destroy it. The third step is to carefully read every site’s description before clicking on it. As previously mentioned, there are some pretty disturbing things you can find on the deep web. In order to protect yourself mentally, make sure you know what sites you are visiting BEFORE you go onto them. 

Some recommendations for exploring the deep web is to watch videos on Youtube about it instead of going there yourself, or watch videos in preparation before you visit the platform. Many “experts” on the subject could probably describe the process best due to their experience. One qualified and informative channel is SomeOrdinaryGamers which has a 160+ video series on deep web exploration.

“When I was like twelve, I’d watch videos on [the deep web] like “Top Ten Things on the Deep Web,” said junior Connor Martinez. “I watched this video one time where a guy ordered a girl’s backpack from the deep web, and it had like clothes and teeth and stuff in it,” said junior Kylie Roach. Watching videos is the safest way to explore the deep web because you, the viewer, suffer none of the potential consequences.

All in all, the internet is a dangerous place. A lack of preparation while exploring the darker side can be detrimental and lead to some serious negative consequences. The dark web is something that should be entirely avoided. But, if you must visit it yourself, at least follow the steps listed to dodge some of the consequences that may arise.