The Skinwalker of Hakabay Mountain


Alexander Gray

A glimpse of the main character Natalia in the dark searching for the missing kids (Photo courtesy of Alexander Gray).

Alexander Gray
The announcement board at Hakabay Mountain with posters of the missing kids and a scan-able QR code (Photo credits Alexander Gray).

My name is Natalia Fullsworth, and I am currently with my father, Dan, searching for seven kids who have gone missing in Hakabay Mountain State Park. Along with searching the ground floor, we’re also putting up hunting cameras. So, in case we don’t find them in person, we can see them if they activate the cameras through the motion. If they activate and capture, we could uncover the truth about their disappearance.

Once we got to the trail, we unloaded our supplies and headed down the trail to start searching. To get deep into the forest we have to cross a rope bridge that hangs over rapids. Now, the bridge must have been designed out of the cheapest supplies possible because it snapped while I was crossing it, separating me from my dad, and slammed me into the side of a cliff. I climbed up the half of the dangling bridge I was stuck on till I was back up.

Instead of wasting time trying to find another way across, we decided to search on both sides of the area that was separated by the rapids. At the same time. I was told to lay out some cameras while I was searching for the kids.

Four hours have passed, it’s getting dark and I still haven’t seen the kids. I also feel like I’m being watched. Not from the cameras I’ve walked passed, I mean something else is watching me. Some of the animals have been following me. The birds especially. One of them has gone from branch to branch as I’ve walked, following me for miles.

Then, suddenly, it became aggressive as I neared a cave, swooping down and scratching me. As I backed off from the cave, the bird stopped attacking me.

Then I saw it. A torn piece of clothing near the entrance of the cave. One of the kids must be in there.

As I was about to head into the cave, a wolf appeared out of nowhere. Along with that, the bird didn’t attack it at all. In fact, the bird was completely gone, nowhere to be seen. As the wolf started to come for the attack, I pulled out my flare gun and shot the wolf with it. After that shot, it retreated away from the cave.

Now I can go inside.

It was horrific.

The cave strung with the clothes, pots, and pans filled with blood, and what looked to be the remains of what was left of the kids. Each and every one of them. Suddenly, I was grabbed from behind by some old man with some sort of fur jacket on him. He was throwing all of his weight on top of me trying to keep me from moving. He then cut me, covering me in my blood and rubbing some on himself. He was done in a moment’s notice. The man then started speaking chants of some kind, gripping me tighter as I continued to struggle. It felt like he was about to break my arm off. He got louder, and louder, and louder.

My vision escaping me I can’t see, I can’t feel, I can’t hear, I can’t smell, I can’t breathe, I can’t-

Then, Silence. Nothing.

I felt the grip loosen on me. I had to escape as this was my chance. I grabbed a knife from the back of the bag and stabbed the body of the old man. I was free! 

I ran out of the cave as fast as I could, trying to run to the rapids. At the same time, trying to call for help on the radio, but it wasn’t working. I guess she broke it when the bridge broke. My last resort was to use the flare gun. With one extra flare, I shot it upwards into the sky hoping someone will come to help. 

Then, out of nowhere, I was attacked by a wolf. It clawed my body and bit my limbs. I screamed in pain as it was ripping my body to pieces. As I was being attacked, I managed to grab the knife from the bag and stab the wolf. Then as it backed off, it turned into a human. The old man? He was making awful noises as if she was actually an animal. After the knife was pulled out, brown fur started to appear, claws coming out of his fingers, and noises of what sounded like a bear.

As I was fearing for what would happen next, it hit me; he’s a Skinwalker. People who have studied witchcraft and gained the ability to transform into animals, people, and even change bodies.

After witnessing him turn from a human to a bear, it prepared to lunge and attack me. Then a blast from a shotgun stopped it in its tracks. It was my daddy, Dan, he asked if I found the kids. Before I could answer, The Skinwalker started moving again. Dan then loaded two more shells into his shotgun and opened fired.

There’s no way that monster was surviving that. As I looked over to the monster. I saw the look of horror on my daddy’s face  as he realized it was a human. I could only think, “Why?” Why was it going after kids? Why did it take the lives of those kids? Why did it try to kill me? What was it going to do to me? 

An answer we’ll never know now.