The WHOLE Family


Allie Weber

Even though family can drive you crazy, it’s important in times like these to get closer to the ones you love (Photo courtesy of Allie Weber).

Quarantine has virtually changed every aspect of our daily lives, and while most parts can be adjusted and adapted to, having my entire family around is proving to be rather difficult. 

My brother is home from college, my dad is working from home, my mom isn’t going to her job, and I’m clearly not going to school. So, the amount of time I spend with my friends and by myself has significantly decreased, and the time I spend with my family has exponentially increased. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my family as much as the next person, but there is something about spending every waking minute with people you aren’t normally spending a decent amount of time around. 

My dad’s work schedule starts around eight in the morning, and since online school began, it is about two hours too early for me to be waking up. It seems as though this shouldn’t affect me in any way, but the office in our house is right outside my bedroom, so when he’s taking morning calls, I am awakened at the crack of dawn by him talking to his coworkers about the engineering plant. On the other hand, I am extremely grateful that my dad still has a job through this pandemic, and it’s cool to see him actually working since I normally only hear about the things he does.  

My mom is the person I see the most out of anyone in my house. Once I get home from school, she’s usually not far behind. So to be honest, nothing really has changed, although she and I have gotten closer I would say. Our family is currently building a house, so I’ve spent a lot of my days with her picking out and designing things to go into it. 

My brother. Normally, I see him maybe once a month, twice if I’m lucky, so having him home makes my life drastically different. He and I share a bathroom, but when he’s not here, I get it all to myself, which is great. Now that he’s home for the rest of the year, we are sharing again, so I think you can fill in the rest. On a positive note, spending this much time at home has allowed us to get closer, and to be honest, we weren’t super close before. We’ve watched some TV together (which is something we normally don’t do), gone on drives, and jammed out to music in the car (“Love Me Like You Mean It” by Kelsea Ballerini- highly recommend). 

While this time is crazy, and the fear of uncertainty is creeping at every corner, this is a time to get closer to the ones we love the most. Life is often so busy, and we can never just find a day to sit down and talk about the things we’ve done and the things we’re going to do. So take this time to get to know the people you’ve grown up with: watch a movie, play a board game, or go for a drive. Once this thing is over, you may never have the opportunity to do something like it again.