WWJD? Go to the Chill!


Gavynn Grant

Members of the Chill leadership team design posters to encourage students at Brashier to attend (Photo courtesy of Gavynn Grant).

Community is one of the most important things in life, and high school is no exception. High school is often full of stress and pressure, and a time and place to meet and encourage one another is vital to alleviate a student’s stress. The Brashier Chill is a club created to do just that.

“It broke my heart that everyone called Brashier a family but we didn’t act like it. I wanted to build a community for us to just love and encourage each other, be real and broken together, and let the truth be spoken into people,” said the founder of the Brashier Chill Caroline Frady.

The Chill is a ministry run by students in an effort to create a unique community of students to meet and build friendships throughout high school. At Brashier, the Chill meets every Wednesday morning at 7:00 a.m. The group provides breakfast, music, and a speaker to encourage students midweek. Their goal is to create a positive environment where everyone feels welcome.

“[The Chill] makes me happy because, even though it’s early in the morning, the smiling faces there are always ready to learn more and grow in their faith! I really enjoy watching people grow together and get different spiritual standpoints from one another. I love seeing people be fearless about sharing their beliefs outside of the Chill,” said sophomore Gavynn Grant.

Last year was the beginning of the Brashier chapter of the Chill, and it has been growing ever since. The average weekly attendance increased from about fifteen students last year to almost forty this year, which is about ten percent of the Brashier student body. The Chill aims to continue to grow and reach as many students as possible.

“I expected there to be a really small group of people with a short Bible study and some talking. I was so surprised when I saw tons of people and more coming [in] each week. I knew it would be such an encouragement throughout the week and a good time of fellowship with each other,” said freshman Alexandra Wortman.

Mallory Smith
The Brashier Chill leadership team makes pancakes to serve students an early breakfast (Photo courtesy of Mallory Smith).

Each week, the Chill’s leadership team works hard to prepare a fun and relaxing morning for students to come into. This year the Chill has been having community days, in which they meet in the back commons area in Brashier to have food and just spend the morning talking and meeting new people. The club hopes to participate in group community service projects to not only impact Brashier but to also impact the local community.

“The overall thing for the Chill would be LOVE! It’s important to not get too caught up in how things work or how many people [attend]- just let love overflow!” said Frady.

Being such a small school, Brashier already has a unique environment. The Chill’s goal for this year and for the future is to bring positivity and a light to school, where it’s easy to get caught up in the anxiety surrounding a busy schedule. The Chill is a place where anyone can come and take a break from their daily routines and have a place to worship and learn more about the Bible. Furthermore, it brings people with common interests together to communicate and meet one another.

“I came to the Chill hoping to help lead my classmates in a positive direction to help them impact the world. I think God has proven his power by working everything out better than we could have hoped for. High school can be a hard place to have different beliefs than most people and still feel accepted. It’s amazing to have a community where you can feel comfortable, and even encouraged, to confidently proclaim your beliefs,” said junior Savannah Acord.