Season 20 Episode 20: Brashier Meets COVID Christmas


Jaimee Smith

Mr. Wile said he’s not going to clean his house over break. Sinclair said he’s not going to make ANY important decisions and relax.

It’s that time of year again! Going to hang the lights, put presents under the tree and…stay six feet apart. At Brashier, Christmas spirit week lasts TWO whole weeks. Since students are on a hybrid schedule going only two days a week, the Brashier administration made sure that everyone gets in the Christmas spirit!

Christmas is definitely not the same this year but Brashier has done a great job at working around COVID-19. The two weeks before Winter break have been filled with joy, candy cane giving, and dressing up at Brashier Middle College. Hopefully 2021 will be a fresh start and Covid-Christmas will be just another thing students laugh about next year at Brashier Middle College.