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4 Reasons to Watch Skam


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Skam, a hit young adult drama that has been compared to the iconic Skins and Degrassi, has completely taken over the web. The Norwegian show focuses on different groups of teenagers that attend high school and are going through real life problems that everyday young adults face. The show tackles many complications like disorders, rape, school, coming out, etc. Here are some reasons of why you should start the hit show.

1: It tackles sexism

Noora Saetre, one of the main characters, is known for being a feminist. When Eva was slut shamed for kissing Chris, instead of avoiding and targeting her like other girls in the high school did, she stood up for Eva. Noora stated, “girls shaming girls are no better than boys shaming girls, no one should shame anyone.” Noora also refused to let a boy waste her time. While a majority of her friend group pined for guys, she focused more on herself and I think this is a good example for young girls.

2:  It represents the LGBT community accurately

Most of the time when a show introduces a character who is gay they’re seen talking in a high pitched voice and wearing nothing but rainbow. In Skam, we have Isak Valtersson, who is what some wouldn’t call their “typical” gay boy. Isak listens to rap music, doesn’t do his hair or wear trendy clothes, and he looks like what most shows would depict as a straight guy. In contrast, there’s a character named Eskild who is gay and he loves the color pink and isn’t afraid to admit that he likes boys. This is important because although there are some people in the LGBT community that are “loud and proud,” that doesn’t give people the right to stereotype every gay person into that category.

3: It highlights religion in a positive light

In a lot of tv shows and even sometimes in the media, the muslim religion is shown in a more negative than positive tone. Sana Bakkoush plays a muslim character and she is a fan favorite who is known for being outspoken and a voice of reason in the show. She showed Isak that religions aren’t rooted with hate filled people when she said, “If you hear anyone trying to use religion to legitimize their hate, don’t listen to them. Islam says what it will always say: That all people in the world are equal.”

4: The actors are actual teen shows

In most teen shows, the teenagers are played by actors who are usually in their mid-twenties. This is unrepresentative and can also be damaging to a teenagers self esteem considering that adults are mature looking and don’t have to deal with puberty. In Skam, all the characters are played by actors aged 16-19. This is good because it not only allows teens to actually see themselves on screen, but it also allows the young actors to open doors for other young teens interested in acting.

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Brashier Middle College Charter High School News....written and created by students, for students
4 Reasons to Watch Skam