Amazon Burns for 16 Days-Unnoticed



The Amazon forest has been destroyed for over 3 weeks at this point and for 16 of those days, it has gone unnoticed by the media. While it has been a problem for a while and has been noticed for a short period of time, no funding has been provided (Photo credit to Ylvers).

Since August 15th, 2019, the Amazon forest in Brazil has been burning. Most media coverage has been minimal because of the potential toxic effect these fires could have on the earth. America has tried to provide assistance to the fires, but Brazil has continuously denied the United States’ offer to help even though Brazil is unable to take care of the issue independently. 

“The Amazon takes up 20% of the world’s oxygen and we are going to die if we do not fix these fires soon,” said freshman Riley O’Bleness.

20% of our oxygen on Earth comes from the Amazon Forest in Brazil. Due to the percentage of oxygen from this one forest, our world may be in danger. Oxygen levels could begin to drop and it could cause a catastrophic chain of effects to our environment, including desertification, soil erosion, fewer crops, and flooding. 

“The Amazon represents a biodiversity hotspot of the world,” said Brashier biology teacher Brett Fleming.

Things like biodiversity and the global climate could begin to be affected because of Brazil’s denial of help. Any types of living life forms could begin to decrease, potentially causing mass extinction. While Brazil is constantly rejecting help from many sources, they are not realizing the effect that they currently have on the environment. 

“I haven’t heard it in the news. I’ve only heard it on other social media,” O’Bleness added.

While Brazil has been ignoring requests to help their cause, so has the media. Media coverage did not begin until 16 days later than when the biggest fires had begun. This lack of media coverage could have been due to the drastic changes it could cause on the environment. Somewhat this lack of coverage could be caused by fear of our future. 

“The media didn’t do enough so anyone could help Brazil,” said sophomore Brendon Maness.

While more recently it has been somewhat covered by the media, some theories have been stated about why the fires were not covered, but not all were true. One theory stated that funding was not made because, unlike with the Notre Dame fire, the earth cannot be rebuilt. So, funding through media was not provided. Another theory is that the government did not allow news stations to make a statement based on their attempt to keep the issue more of a secret as the dire effects of the fires would be blamed on them. 

Global awareness is most important in these times because of the harsh effects of the actions done by people. So, what are you willing to do to change the outcome of previous actions of others to save the planet for future generations? 

“We need to be aware that your generation is going to have to be the one to make a difference in the future,” Fleming added.