Are the Blindfolds Worth it?

Birdbox was added to Netflix on December 13, 2018 and has over 80 million views. (Photo courtesy of Kamryn Mattison)

Birdbox was added to Netflix on December 13, 2018 and has over 80 million views. (Photo courtesy of Kamryn Mattison)

Spoilers Ahead!!!

Have Birdbox memes been the only feed you see on your timeline? If the answer is yes, then everyone else can relate; they are flooding everyone’s social media, even the people who have not watched the Netflix original movie. Despite the popularity and social media buzz, there have been many mixed emotions about the movie, but many people believed it to be “just alright.”

“Birdbox was alright, it wasn’t that great though. It is basically the same thing as A Quiet Place, except they replaced sound with vision. I think A Quiet Place was much better though because the quality was better and it was scarier,” said junior Joseph Gibson.

Birdbox left many people baffled because of all of the unanswered questions. Due to these unanswered questions and  many people being left with mixed emotions, a lot of buzz about the movie is circulating through social media.

“It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t great. It was good, but it could have been better because it was very predictable. You knew what was coming, you knew everyone was going to die, and you knew that the kid was going to disobey Malorie. For the most part, you saw what was coming,” said sophomore Bri Hargett.

A number of people found the unanswered questions to be a complete deal breaker. Viewers were left wondering what the monster causing everyone to commit suicide really looked like, why Tom had to take off his blindfold, why Malorie went a whole five years without naming the children, and when she finally did, why she did not uphold the wishes of the deceased Olympia and name her daughter ‘Cinderella’.

“There were too many things that were not specified by the end of the movie. I wanted to know what the monsters actually looked like. Also, what happened to Felix and Lucy? I had so many questions after I watched it and it just left me wondering, so that’s why I didn’t find it to be as great of a movie as some people,” said junior Clara Cianfarano.

Out of everything that upset viewers about the movie, the most common is the fact that the two children were called “Boy and Girl” for the first five years of their lives; and even more people were upset by the fact that, while on the river, the children were told that one of them would have to risk their life and take off their blindfolds once they reached the rapids.

“I don’t know what in God’s green earth compelled Sandra Bullock to name the children Boy and Girl. It didn’t make any sense to me at all because even though she didn’t want to be connected to them, she still was because she took care of them for five years. That was crazy,” said senior Arianna DeYoung.

Upon hearing that someone would need to look, Boy volunteered himself to do it when the time came, but Malorie refused to let him, responding with, “No! I choose who looks! I choose!” However, when Girl says that she will do it, Malorie becomes quiet and it seems as though she was going to let Girl, a five year old child, look and most likely die.

“It was kind of funny when she told the kids that one of them would have to look and wouldn’t allow Boy to do it. However, it was really sad because it made Girl feel like Malorie didn’t care about her and it caused her to be afraid of Malorie. I really thought she was going to make Girl look just because Boy was her real child and it was heartbreaking,” said Cianfarano.

All-in-all even though there were many things left unsaid about the movie, the Netflix viewers thought that it was a good little add-in to the variety of shows and movies popping up on Netflix. Yes, there are a couple of criticisms that people may have, but it is obvious that deep down, viewers actually liked the movie a lot considering all of the memes and the creation of Birdbox Challenge videos that came after the new addition to the Netflix queue.

“It was very intense and people on Instagram said that it was really scary but it wasn’t. Also, they started driving without being able to see and now people are doing Birdbox challenges where they try that, and I think that is very obtuse,” said junior Rita Patel.