Kelechi Nkalari

Many people are partaking in the Birdbox challenge (Photo Courtesy of Kelechi Nkalari, @kcmerollintheyhatin on Instagram).

Every year, hundreds of challenges blow up on the internet. Some are very innocent but others take a turn for the dangerous. Another addition to the internet buzz is the Birdbox Challenge, coming up after the recent Netflix Original, Birdbox, came out.

“I honestly feel like the bird box challenge is one of the milder internet challenges. Internet challenges can be fun, as long as people don’t go too far,” said sophomore Katelyn Morgan.

In Birdbox, all characters must stay blindfolded or else they are led to suicide or insanity upon seeing the unknown creatures in the movie. They stayed blindfolded anytime they left their house and when they leave the house they are stuck in situations of finding food, steering a boat, and even driving a car. After seeing the characters perform these challenges, people have started to try and do everyday tasks while blindfolded, creating the Bird Box Challenge. These tasks include driving, playing sports, cooking, and numerous other activities.

“I haven’t even seen the movie, but I feel like some of the tasks could get really dangerous and blown out of proportion while others might just be cool and fun to try out,” said freshman Annaleisa Wile.

Rii Madanii, @rii_madanii on Instagram
Several people have taken a creative twist on the challenge with special effects makeup (Photo courtesy of Rii Madanii, @rii_madanii on Instagram).
Many have even dressed up their dogs in blindfolds for an adorable approach (Photo courtesy of Norman The Pomsky, @normanthepomsky on Instagram).

While many have taken a more dangerous route regarding the challenge, others have taken a safer and more creative approach.

“The more lowkey ones such as makeup and jokes are a lot better because there’s not really a risk of getting hurt so it’s a lot better for people to be able to do them and be involved in the challenge without being reckless about it,” said sophomore Katie Jester.

Sports can be more or less dangerous to do blindfolded depending on which sport a person decides to try out (Photo courtesy of @esteviethegolfer on Instagram).

While some go dangerous and others get creative, there is a “middle” to the severity of the challenge. Participating in sports with this challenge has become pretty common on the internet. Depending on the sport, some are still reckless such as playing baseball; however, other sports, such as golf, are severely less harmful than a sport involving other people.

“I think that could be fun and I would probably try it myself but it would be really dangerous and I would most likely get injured,” said sophomore Cole Mansfield.

An influencer that is spreading the challenge around is famous Youtuber, Jake Paul. Paul posted a video, in order to promote his content, of him driving, where he almost got in a wreck. This video was taken down but other Youtubers have posted their challenge videos to continue spreading the challenge. Youtube has begun taking down any videos relating to the challenge after several people have gotten injured.

“Clearly this isn’t really helping because it gives people more to talk about. Pretty much everyone knows about the challenge, so it’s not going to do much to help protect people,” said sophomore Katie Jester.   

Many people have begun to worry about how dangerous the challenge is becoming. After many people have crashed cars, burnt themselves, cut themselves, and run into walls Netflix tweeted, “PLEASE DO NOT HURT YOURSELVES WITH THIS BIRD BOX CHALLENGE. We don’t know how this started, and we appreciate the love, but Boy and Girl have just one wish for 2019 and it is that you not end up in the hospital due to memes.”

“Netflix probably had to put this warning out because people weren’t being smart about it and getting hurt. It may have just been a precaution but either way people have still gotten hurt so it doesn’t really change much,” said Wile.

Although this challenge has become an extremely popular challenge and even turned into a huge meme, the popularity will fade out and the internet will move on to other challenges and memes that will hopefully be much less dangerous.

“Hopefully we will make an advance in social media and move on from the crazy challenge. I really just don’t believe that it is safe for everyday people regardless of how popular it became,” said Jester.