Nashville Nightmare

Haunted houses are a huge part of celebrating Halloween and having a fun scare, but beware of the people you run into
(Photo courtesy of Pixabay, photo credits to currens).

Photo courtesy of Pixabay, photo credits to currens

Haunted houses are a huge part of celebrating Halloween and having a fun scare, but beware of the people you run into (Photo courtesy of Pixabay, photo credits to currens).

Haunted houses, corn mazes, and pumpkin patches are all part of the Halloween Spirit. They are a lot of fun and a good way to spend time with friends and family.  

“When October rolls around, one of my favorite things to do is visit haunted houses. I love everything about them, I even waited in a two hour long line to get into one, but it was worth it since me and my friends ate s’mores and goofed off the whole time,” said freshman Emily Frazier.

A freaky incident happened to Yochim and his friends when they went to the Nashville haunted house on a Friday night expecting to have a lot of fun. Haunted houses often attract thrill seekers who love to live off of the adrenaline rush from all the frightening people and places. But the amount of fear he would have to suffer from that night was over the top. His own friend stabbed him.

“I love haunted houses because it gets my heart racing and they’re always so crazy, but if someone there got stabbed, that might be too much to handle,” said freshman Jackson Howell.

In the Nashville haunted house, a woman approached the group of friends, handing another member in the group a “fake” knife to stab Yochim. The group assumed she was a cast member and that the knife was a prop, but they quickly figured out she was not when Yochim was stabbed with, what turned out to be, a real knife and the woman disappeared from the scene.

“I would definitely try to find the person who gave my friend the knife and find a way to press charges or anything to where she would not be able to do this to anyone else,” said sophomore Paige Scuro.

The girl who was handed the knife was seen sobbing after the events unfolded. She never meant to harm her friend and believed that it was a prop that would not actually injure him.

“She should have checked to see if the knife was real in order to see if this would hurt him before actually stabbing her friend, that’s just crazy she just trusted the random woman,” said junior Kait Gary.

Luckily, Yochim did not suffer any severe injuries to any major arteries, bones, or tendons. But his doctor is worried that the condition of his arm will worsen, so Yochim is having regular check-ups with his doctor to see how his arm heals after the trauma.

“It’s a really great thing that he survived through the incident and didn’t have to suffer from any major injuries, but it was probably really shocking and frightful that his own friend did it,” said Gary.

This incident is such a surprise because no weapons are allowed into the attraction, and everyone has to go through metal detectors as a safety precaution. Nashville Nightmare has not had any other incidents like this one occur in their eight years of business. The company is now making sure that their employees know the safety procedures so that nothing like this can ever happen again.

“I don’t think I could bring myself to go back to a haunted attraction if I was there when the guy got stabbed. I wouldn’t be able to enjoy my time, and I would be too worried about me and my friends’ safety,” said Scuro.